16 Confused People Who Definitely Didn’t Just Meet A Celebrity


After you tell an amazing and elaborate story to all of your friends, the non-believer might pipe up with, “Pics or it didn’t happen.” Nobody believes each other anymore unless you have actual evidence of the story. Some things that require proof nowadays include:

  • Doing trick shots
  • Crazy midnight adventures
  • Meeting a celebrity

There are just too many liars out there so we need to see it to believe it. And when it comes to name dropping, it’s important that you have something to back up your claims. As long as you have photographic evidence, nobody can call you out on your story!

Just be sure that you’re taking a photo with an actual celeb. Because do you know what’s worse than people thinking you’re a total liar? People thinking that you’re a complete idiot. Unfortunately for these folks, that’s exactly what happened. 

This person may have the long, brown locks of Frodo from the “Lord Of The Rings” franchise but we really don’t see any other resemblance to the character. 


Marilyn Manson would never look this happy in a photo! We also don’t think that the singer rocks snake bite piercings. This just looks like a regular goth kid.


This guy clearly isn’t a true Spider-Man fan. Not only did he think that this guy was Tobey Maguire, but he completely butchered the actors name! 


Was the obvious language barrier not enough evidence to prove that this guy clearly wasn’t Jack Black? Man, these people really need to get their eyes checked out. 


Johnny Depp has played a ton of crazy characters in the past so we can understand why people might not know what he looks like under all of that makeup. But based on his face, it looks like he tried to tell them he wasn’t the actor but these girls just didn’t want to believe him.


Okay, let’s be honest here. We can see why these two would mistaken this fellow for Drake. He might not be the “Hotline Bling” rapper but he could totally be his body double. Maybe THIS is the guy that got shot on Degrassi?! 


 This guy may have Kit Harrington’s wavy hair and distinguishable beard but we know a phony when we see one. This is definitely not your hero, girl.


We wouldn’t be surprised if Childish Gambino was attending Rib Fest but we don’t think it’s the real deal. However, his outfit does look like something that Troy Barnes would wear. We can just hear him singing, “Troy and Abed in the Morning!”


Do you know how we know that this isn’t the real Jay Z? Because Beyoncé isn’t in site. If Queen Bey isn’t there then you know that this person is an impostor. You got played, dude.


The electrifying hair is Rod Stewart’s iconic hairstyle so we can see the resemblance between the singer and this man. Even though this clearly isn’t the British rock star, he could totally win in a Rod Stewart look-alike contest.


 The photos we’ve seen so far featured some people that had alarmingly similar facial features so we understand why people would mistake them for celebrities. But this one…? We have no idea how this girl came to the conclusion that this man is Bruno Mars. If anything, he looks more like Wilmer Valderrama a.k.a Fez from “That 70’s Show.”


Maisie Williams probably wasn’t your idol if you don’t even know what she looks like. This might sound a little strange, but Maisie has a completely different head shape! 


Apparently this guy mistook this man for Shia Labeouf. Sure, he may have not met the real deal but at least he got to befriend a stranger in a burrito shop.


This guy looks so excited to meet “Lorde.” Too bad that’s not here. We understand why none of his buddies told him the truth – nobody wanted to break his spirit.


 Another Johnny Depp?! How does this guy have so many doppelgangers. It looks like her friends are quick to jump on the mistake. However she actually defends herself by saying, “You  guys it’s called Hollywood magic ok he looks diff in real life lmao. (sic)” Okay, sure. Whatever you say, girl.


True fans would know what Ed Sheeran looks like. These dudes are just fake fans. We bet they can’t even name a song other than “A Team.” The Sheerio family would be very disappointed in these three.


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