Mother Uncovers Fiance’s Double Life After Wife Came Up As A Friend Suggestion

Cheaters can hide their actions from their partners, and the people they’re cheating with, but they can’t hide them from Mark Zuckerberg.  Recently, an English mom claimed she found out her fiance was already married via a Facebook notification.

Amanda Creighton was planning her wedding to “Chris Walker” when his wife came up as a suggested friend on Facebook. Her “fiancé,” who she had been dating for a year, had lied about everything, including his name – “Chris” was Paul McHugh. When she confronted him over the phone using his real name, he hung up on her.

How could anyone possibly not know that their fiancé was married? Well, McHugh was stealthy about it, and had a set of air-tight excuses for his absences. He even managed to disguise his six-week trip home to see his wife and his new baby as a “business trip.”

When Creighton confronted him about ignoring her texts during his absences, he got her off her back by proposing to her. According to Creighton, “he was so good at lying that he managed to convince us all that he was in love with us.” Indeed, McHugh was such a good liar that when Creighton told McHugh’s wife about the cheating, she didn’t believe her at all, despite his absences.

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The story doesn’t end there. The couple got together six months later, after Paul told Amanda he’d broken up with his wife. Then, Paul started disappearing for days before finally admitting nope! he was still married!

And when Creighton posted her story on Facebook, three other women messaged her to say they’d been “dating” him at the same time. He also apparently had dating profiles on multiple websites, with his name as “Chris Walker” on all of them. So, wait a second. Back this up. Allegedly, he had one wife, one fiancé, and at least three girlfriends? When did this man find time to sleep?

McHugh denies all of Creighton’s allegations. As he told The Sun, ‘I’m not going to comment on anything like that. I didn’t meet her while I was in a relationship. “He also claims that Creighton and her friends “set up all this dating profile nonsense” to make him look bad. Whether or not McHugh’s online harem is real, one thing is clear: cheaters never prosper, especially not online.

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