16 Pictures That Show Kate Middleton’s Style Before She Became A Duchess


Duchess Kate Middleton’s style has come a long way since before she married Prince William. This could be because she went through the natural evolution of her fashion sense. Some might say it’s changed so much because of the demands that come with being in the media’s spotlight 24/7.

Whatever the real reason is, it’s undeniable that she’s had quite a transformation. In terms of high fashion, it’s widely known that before she became a Duchess, Kate’s favorite fashion designer was Jenny Packham. These days she opts for more chic and formal options like Roksanda Ilincic and Roland Mouret, just to name a few.

But before she found her chic style as a Duchess, Kate was once dressing just like any other young English woman. From casual jeans and spaghetti straps to sheer summer fabrics, there wasn’t an item of clothing that Kate Middleton wasn’t willing to try on.

Take a look at Kate Middleton’s style before she became a Duchess.

1. This was taken in 2005, before her graduation from the University of St. Andrews. That’s where she met her future husband, Prince William.


2. Kate and William met in 2001, and officially started dating a year later. Here’s Kate pictured at her graduation in 2005.


3. The Duchess graduated with an honors MA in Art History and entered the fashion industry soon after that. Here she is at a wedding in 2005.


4. As a fashion enthusiast, Kate wasn’t afraid to take risks. Here she is at the Festival of British Eventing in 2005, wearing a brown leather hat, cardigan, and boots.


5. Soon after her relationship with Prince William was revealed, the scrutiny began. She was being followed by photographers and news outlets everywhere she went. In this picture, she’s seen doing Christmas shopping in 2005.


6. In this picture, Kate can be seen wearing a fur hat at the Cheltenham racecourse in 2006. Some people believe this is one of her most memorable looks, perhaps because of the bold hat.


7. In 2006, Kate attended the wedding of Laura Parker Bowles and Harry Lopes. This is the first time she appeared at a family wedding with Prince William.


8. This picture, taken in 2006, shows her at a Wimbledon party. This is one of Kate’s most casual looks. From the bangs to the skirt and the drink on her hand, we’ll probably never get to see Kate like this again!


9. Here she is at a Polo match in 2006. She was there to support Prince Harry and Prince William as they played a charity match at the Beaufort Polo Club in Tetbury, England.


10. This picture, taken in 2006, shows Kate attending Prince William’s graduation from the Royal Military Academy. Red is one of Kate’s favorite fashion accents, and it’s not the first or the last time we see her in this color.


11. This picture was taken in 2007 while she attended a store opening party. It seems that she was still experimenting with her hair, going for waves and bangs that she would later replace.


12. In this picture, Kate is seen leaving a nightclub in 2007. We all remember 2007 as the tumultuous year in the relationship between Kate and William (the two broke up for a while in the spring of that year).


13. Kate was regularly photographed on her way to the office while she worked as an accessories buyer for Jigsaw in 2007. This picture shows her during one such occasion.


14. Later in 2007, after a tribute concert for Princess Diana, Kate and William would get back together. Here she is pictured in a white skirt and brown boots during a sunny summer walk.


15. The Cheltenham Festival of 2007 was one of the most talked about public appearances by Kate. She was in the midst of her breakup with Prince William. Here she is at the event, wearing Chanel sunglasses and a tweed skirt-and-jacket combo.


16. In a casual break from her usual princess-in-waiting style, Kate was seen in 2008 wearing a light silky summer dress and unusually dark makeup.


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