This Mom Flew Across The Country Because Her Daughter’s Head Hurt And People Love It

Grace Li is a 22-year-old high school biology teacher in New York City and her mother, Shixia Huang, is a cancer researcher who lives in Texas. So when the 22-year-old graduate of Duke complained of a headache, one would assume that Shixia would call her daughter or at best video call her to see how she was doing.

But instead, this loving mother decided to fly over to New York City the next day and take care of her daughter. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Shixia said: ‘I was at work on Friday afternoon planning to work late that evening. Around 4:30, I got a message from Grace telling me that she felt sick. I called her and she told me that she had this headache and we also chatted about her day and her weekend plans. I felt that the headache was a bit unusual and that she missed home.’

Grace went on Twitter to post a picture of her with her mother the next day along with a cute and heartwarming conversation that they had. ‘Me on the phone with my mom last night: I’m sick. Her: Ok, I can catch the next flight. Me: Is that a joke. Today: [picture of the pair together.]’

Grace explained how plane tickets from Texas to New York were ‘shockingly cheap’ and her mother simply ‘left work, went home and packed, and arrived in New York that night.’ And this viral story quickly caught the hearts of most people on Twitter. Many responded with sentiments similar to Lynn Shelley: ‘it’s that invisible umbilical cord. If your mum lives until you are 100 she’ll still cross the world for you.’

Grace’s mother, Shixia, also went on Twitter to describe her love for her daughter: ‘Yes, no matter how old my daughter is, I will always cross the world for her. When I could not do it physically one day, I will surely do it in my heart.’ Others such as Aneeqah N. tweeted: ‘PARENT. GOALS. I hope y’all get to spend some good time together and that you get better soon!!!!’ while Michelle Keil simply wrote: ‘moms mean business!’

While her mother was in town, Grace kept the Twitter world updated with how she was taken care of. She wrote: ‘The first thing she did was zip me to her doctor friend I was like “mom it’s fine I’m sure this stabby head pain will pass” and she was like LOL TIME TO SCHEDULE A CT SCAAAAANNNN’ and the next morning she tweeted out: ‘SHE MADE ME SOUP THIS MORNING.’

Grace finished up her sweet, kind and viral story by telling Buzzfeed News: ‘Before she left she stayed up the night before cooking so I would have food for the rest of the week! She packed me two lunches and bought Tupperware to store all the other food and now my fridge is so full.’

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