Only People With High IQs Can Quickly Solve This Viral Math Puzzle

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Who doesn’t love a good brain teaser? The satisfaction you get when you finally solve the problem can be incredibly rewarding. Not only that, but tackling a brain teaser can actually be good for you.

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You brain is like any other muscle in your body and reaps the benefit when you push it to its max. Studies suggest that extra mental activity strengthens the connections between the cells in the brain, helping to delay the symptoms of diseases like Alzheimer’s.

To be sure, no study concludes that these exercises are an effective means of preventing Alzheimer’s. But if attempting to tackle one of these brain teasers everyday gives you a couple more years of control of your mental faculties, then we will take it.

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This number puzzle is called the ‘Nobs number tree’ and is not as simple as it seems at first. Hint: You definitely don’t want to use any subtraction and the answer is not 15. 

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So what is the answer to this difficult and frustrating number puzzle? Well, the answer is: 12.

The secret to solving this puzzle is to look at the arrows. If you add up the numbers individually from the two sets of numbers in two circles pointing towards the lower bubble, you will get the sum of that lower bubble. For example, for the first two sets of numbers: 27 and 99. If you add up those numbers individually and get their sum, you will get 27.


If you add up the numbers from the two sets of circles to solve the missing number, this is what you will get: 2+1+3+6=12.

Thus the missing number is: 12.

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