Princess Diana’s Niece Is All Grown Up And Looks Just Like Her Aunt

You probably didn’t even realize that the late Princess Diana has a niece. But there’s a good reason for that. Lady Kitty Spencer spent most of her childhood out of the spotlight. Though she was born in London, she grew up in South Africa with her mom and three siblings.

But if you’re pretty curious about her, he’s a little glimpse into the life she leads. She’s the oldest of four kids and her father is Princess Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer. Kitty was only six-years-old when her Aunt Diana was killed on August 30th, 1997.

Now Kitty is 26-years-old and we can’t help but notice a huge resemblance to her aunt, Princess Diana. I mean everything from her hair and her eyes to the even the shape of her face and jawline. The similarities are pretty hard to not notice. She’s absolutely stunning!

So when exactly did Kitty get the media’s attention? Well, she made her first public appearance in 2007 with her pretty well-known cousins Prince William and Prince Harry.

Princess Diana's Niece Is All Grown Up Instagram @kitty.spencer

The family was seen at a memorial service for Diana. But now, almost twenty years later, Kitty is all grown up and is pretty open about her life. She’s sharing it all on her Instagram page, of course.

Nowadays, it’s pretty simple for everyone to share their life on social media. If you look at Kitty’s Instagram, she manages to balance charitable and social engagements. Her life looks pretty glamorous.

She shows everything from travelling to just hanging out with celebrities. Her trips on her page have included Italy, France, and Greece. Most recently, Kitty has posted multiple photos of her trip to Africa.

She even has a love for Beyonce, attending her concert and captioning the photo, saying “absolute number one”. That shows people that she’s just like any other girl who loves rocking out to Queen B.

According to reports, when asked what her favourite thing to post is, Lady Kitty noted that it has to be food. She loves food and though her mother battled eating disorders, she doesn’t feel the pressure to be an ideal weight.

In an interview with The Telegraph, Lady Kitty noted, “there were never any scales in the house and no emphasis on weight at all. I’m grateful that mum protected me from that pointlessness. I don’t think I could ever care about that stuff if I wanted to; it’s too boring”.

But it’s not all fun and vacations for Kitty. She has a master’s degree in luxury-brand management and, just like her aunt, she is involved in charity work. She serves as an ambassador for giving Us Time, which works to give military families time together.

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