Zac Efron’s Uncomfortable Transition Into Ted Bundy Has Begun

When you think of Zac Efron, you probably think of his characters in Highschool Musical or 17 Again. It’s unlikely for you to pair his name with a killer like Ted Bundy. If you don’t know who Ted Bundy is, he’s a famous serial killer, rapist, and one of the most notorious criminals of the late 20th century.

So why exactly am I even pairing the two names together? Well, it’s been recently announced that Zac Efron will be embracing his dark side and will be portraying serial murderer Ted Bundy in an upcoming film called Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile. If you take a look at the notorious killer, you’ll know exactly what Efron’s transformation will consist of.

I gotta say, going from playing Troy Bolton to Ted Bundy is a night and day move, but at least he gets to keep the same initials, right? In a recent interview with Buzzfeed with his Greatest Showman co-star Zendaya, Efron noted, “Ted Bundy is going to be a challenge. I think it’s going to be different and it’s going to be fun. I’m super stoked”.

Well, we can now take a look at what Efron will look like for his role. On Wednesday, he posted a photo on his Instagram that allowed his fans to “meet Ted”. Well, it’s Efron’s version of Ted…but the looks are very similar.

The photo shows a behind-the-scenes photo of the star getting his mugshot taken. If you know anything about Ted Bundy, you know that he was arrested a bunch of times, starting in 1974 when he was found possessing burglary tools.

People believe that it was that moment when the killer’s murderous rampage allegedly started. When Efron’s fans saw this photo of Efron on his social media, they totally freaked out. Many of them turned to the comments section to give their opinions.

One fan wrote, “Omg if this movie doesn’t make it big I’m done. He’s literally playing one of the most famous serial killers”. Another fan added, “after some creepy zooming in on his face I reckon that he has the expression down”. A third fan added, “This movie is gonna be so damn good”.

So what exactly is the movie about? Well, even though it’s technically about Bundy, it’s not going to be from his point of view. This was pretty smart considering people were worried that it might glorify someone who killed over 36 people.

The film is also going to star Lily Collins who’s going to be playing Bundy’s girlfriend and it’ll show her perspective on the events that led up to the serial killer’s execution. So essentially, the movie will be the story of Ted Bundy through the eyes of his girlfriend.

Shortly after Zac Efron posted his photo of himself as Ted, captioning it “Meet Ted”, Lily Collins turned to her Instagram and posted a photo of herself as Ted Bundy’s girlfriend, captioning it “Meet Liz”. John Malkovich will be playing Judge Edward Coward, the man who presided over Bundy’s televised trial and sentenced him to death in 1979, according to CNN.

If you look at the side-by-side photo of Bundy and Efron, you can see how the two look alike. It was Bundy’s narcissistic, sociopathic good looks that allowed him to lure women who resembled his ex-fiancee into his 1968 Volkswagen Beetle. We can’t wait to see this film and Zac Efron’s complete transformation!

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