Here’s Why Kate Middleton Can Wear A Tiara But Meghan Markle Can’t

Now that the royal wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry is just months away, people have been wondering whether they will soon spot her wearing a royal tiara. Since she’s essentially in the royal family now, and Kate Middleton has been spotted wearing a tiara several times, it’s only a matter of time that Meghan Markle will be seen in one.

However, as it turns out, Meghan Markle will probably not be seen in a tiara anytime soon. This is because tiaras are traditionally only worn by married women. The tradition in the U.K. prohibits unmarried women from wearing tiaras. So it’s not just an accessory that bolsters royal affiliation.

In an interview with BBC, etiquette expert Grant Harold explains that in British culture, the tiara indicates that one is off the market and not looking for a husband. This is why upon marrying Prince William, Kate Middleton became immediately eligible to wear a tiara.

Once she is married, Meghan Markle will also be able to don the gorgeous accessory. So when is the earliest that we may be able to witness Markle wearing a tiara? Well, she could follow Middleton’s lead and wear one on the day of her wedding, just like Kate did when she married Prince William.

Generally speaking, tiaras are exclusively evening accessories. They are worn on special occasions when the Royals have some special engagement or other. So Markle may wait to wear one until after her wedding.

She might hold off until a special evening occasion after her spring wedding to make her first appearance in a tiara. However, the actress has been known to break several royal rules. She and Prince Harry are intent on doing things their way.

This means that this could be one more royal rule she breaks. As always, with all things Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, we’ll have to wait and see. Until then, all we can do is guess.

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