These Are The World’s Most Dangerous Countries—This Map May Change Your Travel Plans

International SOS and Control Risks recently released their updated interactive travel map which helps travellers and organizations assess the risk of going to countries all over the world.

To determine the risk level for each country, they take into account several factors: political stability, infrastructure, social services, climate, etc.

They release the map annually and this year there are some notable travel warning changes, particularly to countries located in Eastern Europe and the Caribbean.

You can find the interactive map at We’ve included some screenshots of the map below to illustrate how it works. The map is colour-coded and breaks down a specific country’s medical, security, or road safety risk level.

According to a survey held by International SOS and Control Risks, 58% of respondents changed their travel plans during 2017 due to a security risk. 43% named natural disasters as a reason they changed their travel plans, followed by 42% for a country’s risk level rating.

Yet, according to their survey, fewer respondents believed travel risk was on the rise as compared to the 2017 poll.  

One of the regions with a lowered risk level was Eastern Europe. Countries like Poland, Hungary, and Croatia saw their medical risk rating decrease as a result of those countries improving their medical standards.

While countries in the Caribbean saw their medical risk rating increase as a result of recent hurricane damage to the region.

Aside from that, there are very few surprises on the map. If a country has a lot of political instability, it is probably going to also have a lot of associated travel risks.

So if you are thinking about making travel plans soon or have already booked your ticket, you may want to take a look and see how just how safe your travel destination is.

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