WATCH: CNN Stunned By What Democratic Ohio Voters Think About Trump

In a recent interview by CNN’s Martin Savage, a diverse group of Democratic voters from Ohio revealed their thoughts on President Trump’s first year in office. Upon questioning the voters, Savage received a series of responses that he hardly anticipated.

Taking to Youngstown, Ohio for this interview, there were reminders everywhere as to what has been lost. From jobs to their population, the economy and their way of life were quickly disappearing before their eyes, and their solution to the problem was clear. Donald Trump. The promises laid about the future president intrigued the citizens of Ohio, as they made the switch from Democrats to Republicans, in hopes for a new day.

“Something that he said that really sticks with me is that he wants to give the power back to the American people, and that’s something that I can certainly get behind,” said Justis Harrison, a student, and member of the panel. Each member of the panel represented a different piece of society, all of which were raised Democrats by their respective families, and ultimately made the switch in support of Trump. Now, one year into his presidency, Savage wonders, in their opinion, how they think he’s doing.

Words like “fantastic”, “phenomenal”, and “better than I ever would’ve dreamt” were among the responses by the panel when asked how President Trump has fared upon the mark of his first year. Everybody was in agreement. Another member added, “He’s doing wonderful. He’s staying on task.”

When questioned on how big issue immigration is, they all seemed to agree that it was huge, even in the little town of Youngstown, Ohio. “As far as I’m concerned, they’re stealing jobs of rightful citizens,” one of the members said. They stress the importance of rules and respect, and how coming into the country illegally opposes those values. They are even still on board with the idea of the wall being built.

On the topic of Trump’s racist nature, student Justis Harrison, a visible minority, talked about his encounter with Trump. He noted that the President is “the nicest person” and had he been racist like everyone says, he would’ve walked right by her and said nothing. Savage went on to ask if his supporters think he’s a liar, to which they, of course, said no. They do, however, admit that he has fallen short on some of his goals and that economically, things haven’t gotten any better.

Despite it all, the Trump supporters remain optimistic that things will go up from here, and they see an achievement here. They see a president who is much like them, imperfect and opinionated. However, the general sentiment among the panel was said by one woman: “I want my country back.”

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