Woman Horrified After Doctors Inform Her Why She Was Experiencing Flatulence Through Wrong Body Part

According to The Sun, a woman was hospitalized to have a carcinoma removed from her colon. Unfortunately, when the woman woke up from her surgery, something wasn’t right. The woman was passing experiencing flatulence from her vagina. The Sun reports that Jasminka Velkovska told the local TV that while she was recovering from her surgery, doctors entered her room and asked her if she was passing gas. Jasminka explains that she told the doctors that she was passing gas, but added that it was coming from her vagina. The reason? Surgeons had wrongly connected her colon with her vagina.

Metro News explains that after Jasminka told the doctors where she was experiencing flatulence, they responded by telling her that it would soon pass and she would be alright. But this didn’t make Jasminka feel any better as it was making her feel unpleasant and scared. The real problem here according to The Sun is that Jasminka claims that doctors at the September 8 Hospital failed to remove the tumor which required another operation. She has been trying to get compensation for three years over this incident. The interview she did with local TV was to help put pressure on the hospital, Metro News reports.

The good news is that Jasminka and the hospital were able to agree on an out-of-court settlement for the amount of £25,700. Unfortunately, the hospital has only paid about £10,000, which in my opinion is insulting. When it comes to mistakes, the medical industry needs to take responsibility. With all the funding that hospitals and the pharmaceutical companies get and the profit they make, there is always money going around. By not paying Jasminka the full amount in one installment is ludicrous in my mind.

But of course, like most legal incidents, there is always a loophole. The hospital manager, Sasho Stojcev, responded to Jasminka’s statement by stating that the hospital is unable to pay the damages without a court order and that the compensation was not fully covered by their insurance, according to Metro News.

The hospital claims that the outstanding payment that is still owed to Jasminka does not have to be paid by them. The documentation of payment does not make it clear who is responsible for making the outstanding payment.

Obviously, Jasminka is furious with the service that the hospital has provided for her both as a patient and as a human being. She says that despite the constant excuses that the hospital is giving her, she intends to sue the hospital if they do not pay the remaining amount of money that they owe her, says The Sun.

I have been lucky enough to not have experienced any mistakes done by a hospital or any doctors. But if I did, I would be just as furious as Jasminka is. Although, I would have taken this to court because at least with a lawyer, they will advise you of what can be paid for and what cannot. Unfortunately, Jasminka is experiencing this first hand. I believe if she took it to court, she would have been told that the insurance would only cover a set amount, and the hospital would be responsible for the rest. But instead, they settled on an agreement outside of the court system, and the documentation that was drawn up was clearly in favor of the best interests of the hospital.

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