Dangerous New ‘Hot Coil Challenge’ Is Scarring People For Life

Viral challenges initially started off as harmless gags that would generate laughs and views on social media. Things like the ice bucket challenge were meant to either create awareness or just help a viewer laugh. But nowadays, these challenges have become downright dangerous. From the blue whale game to the tide pod challenge, there is now a new viral challenge that may be dumber than the rest. It’s called the hot coil challenge.

Dangerous New 'Hot Coil Challenge' Is Scarring People For Life

This ridiculous challenge is exactly as it sounds, a person is supposed to put their bare skin on a hot piece of the metallic coil. As reported by Unilad, the challenge supposedly originated on Reddit where one person simply commented: ‘well that was f***ing stupid.’

In the video, a long-haired man wearing a CKY t-shirt can be seen standing in front of a stove with red-hot metal coils. As his friend, who also doubles as the cameraman, encourages him to engage in the challenge he begins to stick his forearms directly onto the red-hot spiral rings.

The man lasts a few seconds with his bare skin on the hot ring before jumping in pain and taking his arm off the stove.

Dangerous New 'Hot Coil Challenge' Is Scarring People For LifeUnilad

This ridiculous fad comes amid the ‘tide pod challenge’ which has many contestants biting into and chewing laundry detergent pods. A recent viral video by Youtube channel Chubbyemu had a medical provider explain the deleterious health effects that took place when one kid decided to eat three laundry detergent pods.

Dangerous New 'Hot Coil Challenge' Is Scarring People For Life

‘After putting three pods in his mouth, he felt a slight burning sensation waft up into his nose. Huddled over the sink, JR was prepared to spit out the detergent as soon as he started biting,’ the video, titled “A Boy Ate 3 Laundry Pods. This Is What Happened To His Lungs”, explains.

The doctor continued narrating the story: ‘But as soon as he chewed down on the pods, biting into the vinyl plastic, laundry detergent poured into his mouth. He was suddenly overcome by a severe burning and numbing sensation on his tongue. JR began coughing and retching and detergent began to seep down into his throat.

Dangerous New 'Hot Coil Challenge' Is Scarring People For Life

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