Robot So Lifelike, It Will Take You A While Before Determining Whether Or Not She Is Made Of Metal

Human-like robots seem to be appearing more and more around the world. You have to admit, these things are pretty creepy. But according to CNBC, some roboticists are betting that these things may be the key to unlocking a future where humans and super-intelligent computers can coexist. Just imagine walking down the street and not knowing who’s human and who isn’t. Sounds like a creepy sci-fi movie if you ask me.

A While Before Determining Whether Or Not She Is Made Of MetalYoutube

The latest robot-looking human that’s popping up around the internet is leaving people confused. No one is sure whether this “person” is human or simply made of metal. Most of us wouldn’t consider ourselves attracted to robots but this particular video has some second-guessing ourselves. But don’t get too excited, this alleged android is actually a real woman.

At first glance, people thought that this video is from the set of a sci-fi movie but it isn’t. In fact, the video has become so popular it’s gotten millions of views on social media. Those who believe it is a robot have been proclaiming their love for it, leaving a confused desire to embrace this metal. The human woman and her “android” act are all part of a marketing campaign to promote a game for the PS4.

The video was taken at the Tokyo Game show. According to The Sun, the actress is playing the role of a humanoid robot called the AP700. Looking at the photos, you could think that this was, in fact, a robot, but the video is what truly adds to the confusion. At some parts, it looks like a robot, but then there are other moments where she looks and acts like a human. Her realistic robot acting skills are confusing millions of people who are now asking themselves: does this mean I can fall in love with a human-looking android if they were real?

In spite of the fact that it’s been confirmed that she’s not a real robot, you can’t really blame anyone for being legitimately confused about the act. After the creation of Sophia, Hanson’s Robotics most advanced android to date, people wouldn’t be surprised if a real person was mistaken for a robot.

AP700 was standing at the booth of the new PS4 game, Detroit: Become Human, which was developed at the same time that is known for the iconic games Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls.  

In the short video, you can see the actress acting like an android—which some users online are not convinced is human—smiling and waving to people. What do you think? Would you fall in love with a super realistic-looking android?

The game is set to release sometime in 2018, but the game revolves around an android named Kara who escapes the factory in which she was made. The release of this video, in the meantime, is great for marketing. 

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