Fredrik Eklund And Husband Are The Biological Fathers Of Their Twins

Million Dollar Listing star Fredrik Eklund and his husband welcomed twin babies into the world in November: a boy, Fredrik Jr., and a girl, Milla. Now, Eklund and Kaplan have revealed some interesting news about their babies. It turns out that each of them is the biological father of one of the twins.

This sort of event is entirely possible through a process known as heteropaternal superfecundation. According to an article in Time magazine, superfecundation occurs when two of a woman’s eggs are fertilized by sperm cells from two separate men. Though it rarely happens, superfecundation results in twins with different fathers.

In this case, Derek Kaplan is the biological father of Fredrik Jr., and Fredrik Eklund is the biological father of Milla. The couple had the twins through a surrogate, however, they have not released her identity. They have also not made it known whether the surrogate provided the donor egg.

The Million Dollar Listing star shared his excitement over having twins, telling People magazine “Twins are double the work, but definitely double the joy!” He continued, “I read all the baby books, started changing diapers on dolls, I even went to Twiniversity. It’s like going to college to learn about having twins.”

It was not easy for Fredrik Eklund and Derek Kaplan to get to this point. After they got married in 2013, they decided to start a family. They hired a surrogate in 2015 and although she became pregnant with twins, she eventually miscarried. They tried again a year later with the same surrogate but suffered another heartbreaking miscarriage.

Derek Kaplan already has a biological son. He donated his sperm to a lesbian couple during the time he lived in London. His son’s name is Kai. Fredrik has expressed his love for Kai before. In an interview with People magazine, Eklund said “I’ve always been obsessed with Kai… I love him.”

Fredrik Eklund told People: “This was a long time in the making. So many years and so many difficulties getting here. It’s more than I could have ever wanted.” He continued, “I felt like I’ve been running this marathon for 40 years and I finally reached the goal. We’re finally going to be daddies.”

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