Glitter Swimwear Is The Latest Festival Trend To Hit Instagram

With summer in full bloom and people readily preparing for music festivals, here at Bestie, we are taking a deep dive into some new and raunchy festival outfits. Now that Coachella has passed, many music lovers and party-goers are looking forward to the new batch of music festivals. Whether it be Primavera Sound in Barcelona, Spain or Summerfest in Milwaukee, many of us are looking forward to basking in the sun, listening to good music and showing off our new outfits.

While glitter is typically used to decorate a mother or father’s day card as children, nowadays glitter is used much more generously when it is applied to a human body. Traditional music festival garb usually involves some sort of swimwear but nowadays festival-goers have taken their outfits up a notch. This latest trend has girls using glitter to cover up their chest and bottoms instead of rocking a swimsuit.

It was just earlier this year when glitter chests and glitter rears were introduced to us. Glitter chests consist of simply placing glitter over the more “offending” parts instead of wearing a top, and a glitter rear is essentially the same thing but for the rear. But now, some swimsuit companies have decided to ramp it up by only having their models wear glitter.

A company called Go Get Glitter from the United Kingdom decided to go on Instagram to show off their new fashion designs. Their models can be seen either wearing bikinis or swimsuits with glitter-adorned on them or simply having glitter sprayed on their bodies to cover up their ‘bits.’ While some people on Instagram appreciated the creativity that Go Get Glitter exudes, others were a little bit more critical of the raunchy outfits.

While some members on Instagram disagreed on the outfits, the fact of the matter is that glitter has taken social media by storm. In an article published by The Guardian, they displayed the harm that glitter can do to the environment. It was earlier this year when a group of nurseries in Southern England decided to ban the use of glitter by 2,500 children during Christmas time. The group of nurseries cited plastic pollution in our seas as the reason for banning the use of glitter.

As reported by The Guardian, ‘glitter [is] made from etched aluminum bonded to polyethylene terephthalate (PET), it is a form of microplastic, which can find its way into our oceans and the creatures that call them home.’ Furthermore, the United Kingdom recently banned the use of microbeads in makeup and personal care products which can potentially leach into the water and harm sea animals.

While glitter on Christmas cards and art projects probably won’t do much harm to the environment, purchasing and using plastic glitter by the pounds might be deleterious to the environment. An article published in The Guardian states that most glitters are made of plastic, and most wearable glitter ends up in the waterbeds that fish call home. However, if you insist on wearing glitter, there is biodegradable glitter that is available that is much more friendly to the environment. But by then, festival-goers may have moved on to the next new trend of flower chests. (And you got it, it’s the act of placing flower petals over the area that needs censoring.)

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