To Stop Sexual Harassment In Crowd, Musician Leaves Stage Mid-Performance

 Stop Sexual Harassment In Crowd, Musician Leaves Stage Mid-Performance

During a performance at the St. Louis Pageant theatre, the bassist for Circa Survive jumped off stage to approach a pair of fans. According to the Daily Dot, Brendan Ekstrom jumped off the stage in Missouri after spotting what he thought to be a case of sexual harassment.

Some fans of the band were confused about the actions of the guitarist so he decided to take to Twitter to explain his actions.

He stated that what he saw didn’t look like ‘flirting’ and that he had never walked off stage before in his 20 years as a performer.

From his vantage point, Brendan tweeted: ‘for almost a whole song I watched a guy stand a row behind a girl flirting and then trying to kiss her. It was hard to tell what was really happening.’

He continued on by saying: ‘at times she seemed ok with his advances but after the second time of watching her push his face and hands away and try to turn back to watch the show I asked the security guard to go check on them.’

Brendan explained that the security guard was unable to determine where he was pointing and during his ‘emotional blur’ he left the stage and walked ‘straight for them.’

He said: ‘security followed me. The man seemed dumbfounded when I showed up as if nothing was wrong.’

He continued on by saying: ‘I don’t know what happened after. I went back to the stage to finish the show. Security took it from there.’

The bassist said that after he returned to the stage he didn’t see the pair anymore. He was unsure whether they had been removed from the theatre or if they were just moved to a different location.

He continued his explanation by saying: ‘maybe they were in a relationship, maybe they weren’t. Regardless, what I saw from [the] stage was disturbing to me.’

He said that the acts were taking away from ‘the mindset’ he needed to be on stage. ‘It wasn’t cute. It was alarming. I’m almost forty and flirting doesn’t look like that. Maybe it’s that I have a daughter or that I’m older.’

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