Pastor Asks Bride To Step Aside, Then Groom Gives ‘Proposal’ To Her Sister

There is nothing more important in this world than family and this is especially true for two sisters, Hannah and Ashley. The two were inseparable and made each other’s life a joy, which included a special moment at Ashley’s wedding, where it was a first for many to see the proposal given to the bride’s sister.

Ashley knew the moment her sister Hannah was born that they were going to be best friends. They played together; they laughed together and even cried together. But as Ashley got older, she started to learn that her little sister was not like other girls.

Hannah was born with Down’s syndrome and when Ashley was old enough to understand that her sister was special, she made sure that her sister was always comfortable and included in everything.

When Ashley started dating her boyfriend Will, she made it clear to him that everywhere they went; Hannah was coming with them as well. In this situation, it wouldn’t be surprising if Will was against the idea, but he wasn’t. Will accepted Hannah and the idea with open arms. He knew how important Hannah was to Ashley and quickly started to love her like his own sister.

Proposal given to the bride's sister

Ashley and Will’s relationship began to grow over the years as they took the proper steps to building a committed relationship. The last step they had to take was marriage. Will knew that the proposal had to be special since he spent most of his time with both sisters. So he knew that there had to be a proposal given to the bride’s sister.

Proposal given to the bride's sister.

So Will decided to plan a photoshoot in a meadow with himself, Ashley and Hannah. First, he got down on one knee and asked Ashley to marry him. She said yes, but then Will did something even more amazing, he turned to Hannah and asked if she would be his best friend forever. Hannah was full of excitement and was extremely happy to just be included in such a special moment and of course, she said yes. However, Will was not done including his soulmate’s sister just yet.

Will knew how much Hannah was a blessing for Ashley, and he wanted to show both sisters how much of a blessing Hannah was to him as well. So on the day of the wedding, Will had his vows for his wife Ashley, but he also had some special vows that he wanted to say to Hannah as well. It was incredibly touching, the proposal given to the bride’s sister.

Proposal given to the bride's sister

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