If You Find Your Name In This Puzzle You Might Be One Of The Smartest People In World

Do you think you’re one of the smartest people you know? What about just in your family, or at your job? Well here’s a way to test that theory but beware, it might make you feel a little silly. If you get it though, you’ll be allowed to brag to all of your friends – seeing as most of them probably can’t do it!  

This puzzle has been stumping people all over the world, with some resorting to cheating to finally find the answer. According to TryLife, just 8% of all people can solve it in one minute. Do you think you’re among the smartest people in the world?



In the head-scratcher, you’re simply tasked to find your name. People have been looking and looking and haven’t been able to find it, despite it being in the puzzle three times. In a grid of only 143 letters, you think it would be easy to find.

If you’re one of the 8%, you’ve probably solved it by now. If you haven’t, don’t worry. Your name can be hard to find sometimes, even if it is just staring you in the face. Remember that in word searches the words can be spelled backwards as well. In fact, one of the instances of your name is!


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Remember, Bill Gates dropped out of college and look at him now. It’s not all about the knowledge you’ve gained, but how quick you are at deciphering challenges. Even if people have masters degrees, they still are likely stumped by this puzzle.  

Don’t look below until you are absolutely sure you can’t figure it out. Once you see the answer you’ll see why almost no one gets it.



Obviously, you weren’t supposed to find your actual name, as it would be impossible to have everyone’s in the puzzle. Instead, all you needed to find was “your name” – and it is actually in there three times!


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