Sophie Turner Shames Fans Of ‘Stranger Things’ For Complaining About Finn Wolfhard In Angry Tweets

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Stranger Things has quickly become a breakout hit and their following continues to grow. Following its well-received first season that premiered on Netflix over a year ago, invested fans eagerly awaited another season from the Duffer brothers.

Not only did the adult series become an overnight success but so did its child stars. The young actors and actresses continue to gather huge social media followings with their likable personalities and memorable talk show appearances. But shortly after the second season was released over Halloween weekend, the show and its stars garnered more attention – and not all of it has been positive.

Finn Wolfhard has been the latest child actor to feel the harsh side of fame after a Twitter user posted a video where Finn didn’t stop to talk to fans calling to him outside his hotel. The people who posted the video referred to the child actor as “rude” and “heartless.” Many of the Canadian actor’s fans and fellow actors have rushed to the young star’s defense, angry over the attempt to shame the child actor. The fan who posted the video has since deleted it. Considering many of the Stranger Things’ actors are between the ages of 13-16, many former child stars and fans felt obligated to defend Wolfhard and the rest of the young cast.

Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner was among those who were angered by the ordeal, and the actress didn’t hold back when it came to voicing her thoughts.


Turner, who just recently got engaged to Joe Jonas, clapped back at the so-called “fans” on Twitter and there’s nothing quite like the wrath of Sansa Stark.


The 21-year-old started off her Twitter rant by reminding everyone that the so-called fans who called Wolfhard “rude” are adults, while Wolfhard is merely a child of 14. 

The Game of Thrones star stated she found it weird that adults took so much offense to a child actor and would go so far as to wait outside his hotel for him.

But Turner wasn’t close to done. The actress shamed the adults who attempted to embarrass Wolfhard and tarnish his reputation by reminding them he was a child and needed space, too.

The 21-year-old reminded everyone that Finn Wolfhard, and any child actor, didn’t owe their fans anything for following their dreams and trying to build a successful career.

She then asked fans who were parents how they would feel if other adults were treating their young teenagers this way. 

The GOT star reminded every parent how upset they would be if another adult were to take pictures of their child, or any other child for that matter.

The 21-year-old shared wisdom beyond her years by outlining the differences between allowing a film crew to film you as an actor versus strangers.

She also reminded all the fans that these child actors, although becoming internet sensations and being used to promote the series, have not consented to their privacy being breached.

Turner reminds everyone that any interaction with fans doesn’t “come with the job” and is a choice every actor – especially a child actor – should have.

She’s not done. The actress condemns the people who posted this video with hurtful words meant to demean a young boy who is attempting to live as normally as possible despite being in the public eye. 

Turner lashes out reminding these adult “fans” that the photo wasn’t consensual and that goes against anything we teach our children anyways. End rant.

Sophie Turner wasn’t the only one though. Some of Finn Wolfhard’s co-workers also came to the actor’s defense…

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One was Shannon Purser, who plays the beloved Barb on the show. She was in agreement with Turner when it came to the twisted notion that actors are “obligated” to do anything.

Purser reminded everyone that Wolfhard is an incredibly kind young boy who needs to be cut some slack. She said she relates to the difficulties associated with people knowing you on a small scale.

Shannon Purser, aka Barb, felt for the child actor who had to take in such harassment and criticism at such a young age.

She reminds everyone that the attention can be overwhelming for the Stranger Things’ young stars and asks everyone, as a big sister herself and clearly protective of her younger co-stars, to refrain from making these young child stars feel guilty, insecure, or susceptible to hate.

Both Turner and Purser used their Twitter rants to remind all Stranger Things fans of how important it is for us to remember these young stars are still innocent children who need room to grow, preferably in a positive and protected environment.

…and that’s why we love Sansa Stark and Barb. Future “fan” shamers beware!


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