25 Times Life Was Straight-Up Disrespectful

Life can seem like it’s straight up disrespectful sometimes. You could be casually walking down the street only to get soaked by a passing car. Or maybe you parked on the street during a snowstorm only to have a snow plow come along and plow all of that road snow onto your car.

Whatever the unfortunate situation that you have come across is, it’s these unexpected hardships that make you feel like you’ve got a target on your back.

Below is a list of 25 times life was straight up disrespectful for people other than you.

1. Upset Cat: Life has been straight up disrespectful for this cat. When a possum got into the house and started eating the cat’s food, no one did anything for it to stop. Instead, it seems like the owner got the camera and began taking photos. All while this cat was wallowing in its misery.

2. Deer Lookout: This guy can’t catch a break. Life hasn’t been too kind to this guy after he had the unfortunate accident of hitting two deer in a month’s time. To make matters worse, his boss saw an opportunity for a gag and stuck a deer pin in his reverse camera. We hope life has become a little easier for this guy now.

3. Splash Zone: Bridges overlooking water can make for a great photo op, but you might want to wait a bit before running over and posing. This girl made that mistake and quickly had her model shot ruined by a giant splash. She should have been wary of the fact that the ground was wet initially.

Instagram /u/ @will_ent

4. Snowed In: This is one way where it can feel like life is being unnecessarily disrespectful. When it snows and you are parked on the street, there is a high chance that you will get snowed in. This snow plow went overboard and nearly covered the entire car. We don’t think the owner of this car will be driving anytime soon.

5. Dropped Dunkin’ Donuts: Dunkin’ Donuts is beloved in America and it would be devastating to see it all drop before your eyes. Unfortunately, that is exactly what ended up happening to this person who fell victim to a patch of black ice. Not only did this person fall and hurt themselves, but they also wasted their money, had to walk back, and order from Dunkin’ Donuts all over again.

Reddit /u/ breebouch

6. Skip The Mail: Life seems like it’s full of disrespectful moments once the snow starts to fall. This unlucky person discovered that the weather decided that they did not need to get any mail today. To be honest, we don’t think the mail was going to be delivered anyway due to the look of these slightly hidden mailboxes. Better luck next time we guess.

7. Ruined Paint Brush: We feel this person’s pain because it has happened to us before. One moment you’re casually painting a wall and then suddenly the paintbrush slips into the paint. This is one way that life is straight up disrespectful to us. Hopefully, this person was able to salvage this paintbrush or else they’ll have to make another trip to the store to replace it.

8. Non-Watermelons: Watermelons are delicious any time of the year. One thing that makes watermelons so delicious is the juicy water being stored within. Unfortunately, life decided to be straight up disrespectful to this person by giving them a watermelon with a truly lackluster interior. We would be devastated if this happened to us.

9. Ripped Bread: For some men, it takes a long time to grow a beard as long and full as this guy’s. One of the tools that this guy was using ended up sucking off most of his beard. The pain in his eyes lets us know how straight up disrespectful life was for this guy. We are curious to know how long it took for it to grow back.

10. Fortune Cookie: Fortune cookies are a fun treat to get after your meal and they can prompt a lot of jokes with their messages. This fortune cookie, however, is nothing to joke about. You shouldn’t be given a fortune cookie just for the next fortune cookie you get to tell you to ignore the previous one. This is just cruel.

Reddit /u/ Coolincooling

11. Spider Straw: If you have spent your hard earned money on food or a drink, you want to be able to eat or drink the item you got without any hesitation. Unfortunately for this person, life was straight up disrespectful and wasn’t willing to let them hydrate along with their meal. Instead, the person noticed a spider crawling in the drink through the straw. What a horrifying experience.

12. Broken Umbrella: When it’s raining out, you really want to have your umbrella on-hand. However, sometimes life can have a plan of its own and force you to be without portable shelter. This person went outside with their umbrella only to have the top half rip off and fly high in the sky. We know that this poor person had to walk around in the wind and rain for the remainder of the day with no coverage. How sad.

13. Horrifying Nest: When you go into a part of your house and there is a huge nest filled with who knows what inside of it, you know that life is being straight up disrespectful. This looks like a job only an exterminator could handle. We certainly wouldn’t be going anywhere close to this.

14. One Wire, Giant Mess: There is nothing worse than going into a room and seeing a jumbled mess of wires. Life was really not fair to the person who had to go in this room and find the one wire that was disconnected. If this person was able to actually find the one wire they were looking for, they should be given a medal or something.

Reddit /u/ FL-Orange

15. Elmo: When this guy was told that he couldn’t attend his child’s birthday party, he decided to dress up as Elmo. If this was the only way that you could go to your child’s birthday party then this is what you have to do. Life is never always fair, but we have to admit that life is being straight up disrespectful to his guy. It must be pretty hot in that suit.

16. Truth Teller: This guy is speaking the truth like no one else. It seems like he felt the burn of heading to Sea World and realizing that there really is no sea there. Clearly this guy’s expectations were not met and, considering he seems to feel personally victimized, he’s taking his time to inform the rest of the world. We would really love to meet this guy and see what he has to say about other topics.

17. That Sucks: If this was a mistake then life was being straight up disrespectful to the owner of this car. However, if this was not a mistake, then we have to admit there’s someone out there who really did not like the owner. There is no turning back from having paint on your windshield.

18. Bus Stopper: For anyone who was on this road this day, life was being straight up disrespectful to them. Firstly, how in the world did this bus to turn the way it did to cause this traffic jam? Everyone who was trying to get somewhere on this road must have been stopped for a very long time before this mess was cleared. We hope everyone was safe at least.

19. Chilled Out Dad: It looks like this photo was taken in the waiting room of a doctor’s office of some kind. It’s quite apparent why this dad would be needing some medical attention. It appears that his son shot him with an arrow, which probably (hopefully) was by accident. We have to say though, to get shot by a boy in today’s society is life playing a bad trick on you. It looks like this dad is handling things pretty well under the circumstances.

20. Guilty Pug: For any of your dog owners out there, this might be for you! When dogs get excited we all know that they begin to jump up and down, which can result in nearby things getting broken. That must’ve been what this dog did because the guilty look on its face tells it all. We feel bad for the dog because it looks so darn cute.

21. That’s Bad Luck: Anyone who lives in a place where they get a lot of snow will understand the pain the owner of this car is in. It doesn’t look like they are parked but happened to be driving on the road when they were hit with a bunch of snow from that plow. If the person in the car was intending to drive, we don’t think that would have been a likely possibility the moment after this photo was taken.

22. No One Is Getting Good Candy: Anyone who is an M&M lover will be heartbroken by this picture. Life must have seemed straight up disrespectful to whoever was craving some chocolate candies to satisfy their sweet tooth. No one is going to want to pay for candy from either of these candy stations because there really isn’t much candy to buy. Everything is broken up and we are pretty heartbroken about it.

23. Tow Life: When you get a flat tire you need to call a tow truck to get you out of there. However, life was being straight up disrespectful to this guy. When he got a tow truck, he thought everything was figured out, but it apparently was not. Once the tow truck started moving, the truck ended up getting a flat too. Guess he just had to wait for another tow truck to come, and we know how long that usually takes.

24. Pizza Fail: This is just one big message that life is being straight up disrespectful. This person bought the pizza at the supermarket because they thought they were going to get a pepperoni pizza as advertised. Turns out that the rest of the pizza that wasn’t on display was basically just cheese. So sad.

Reddit /u/ aggnt

25. That Will Hurt: There are many things that can go wrong on a bike when you think about it, but this isn’t usually one of them. This was just life being straight up disrespectful to a cyclist. This person ended up getting their wheel caught in the hole between sidewalks, which resulted in them being flung over the handlebars. Talk about a bad break.

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