8 Times Kids Were Way Smarter Than Their Test Questions

Kids say the darndest things. Adults have a way of underestimating a child’s mind. We think they don’t notice certain things, or that they don’t understand certain things, but you’d be surprised to know that a kid is more aware than you think.

In fact, when powerful words come from a kid, adults become more aware of things. Kids hold a ton of power in making this world a better place. Adults just need to be more open to hearing them out and giving them a chance.

Besides all that, kids also have a hilarious way of outsmarting their teachers. They have such a hilarious, witty way of responding to their teacher. Here are 8 times kids had the best answers on tests. These will honestly give you a good laugh!

1. This seems like a pretty simple test, even for kids. But this one particular kid decided to give it more of a humane touch. In the section that says “The man_____the dog”, the child wrote “pet”. They then wrote, “you should not hit dogs”. Hilarious and genius.

2. Nothing is funnier than when a kid is being a smarty pants…or trying to outsmart their teacher. Regardless if this kid was trying to be funny or actually thought this made sense, I hope they got this section of the test correct.

3. Kids pay attention to what their parents say more than you think. This kid in particular probably heard his dad making a joke at home and decided to apply it to their test the next day. I mean, it’s not a wrong answer in retrospect. In fact, it’s reality…technically.

4. This is another example where technically this kid wasn’t wrong. The question clearly wasn’t specific enough and it gave a huge opening for this kid to write this response. You really do need to take out “centi” to get the word “meters”. Wonder how he got marked with that question.

5. Honesty is the best policy, that’s something we learn from when we were in kindergarten. This kid definitely applied that to her homework assignment. I mean, she followed the instructions exactly how it was written and answered exactly what was asked of her. It really does look like a blob…

6. Again, kids are keeping it 100% real. This six-year-old was asked some positive ways her family handles stress. Her response? “Suck it up”. She probably heard her mother say it, or her father or even her older siblings. Regardless, that is the best response anyone can write. You go, girl!

7. These just get better and better as the list goes on. This kid followed the instructions perfectly, well, almost perfectly. True, Justin Bieber is not an animal…but Justin Beaver is an animal. I mean, just the fact that beaver is an animal automatically makes it the correct answer, no?

8. Third-grade math is clearly boring this child. He outsmarted the teacher, the subject and, let’s face it, the entire school. If you remember grade school, you probably remember things getting pretty repetitive. This probably explains why this kid decided to stir things up and add some entertainment.


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