20 Unnecessarily Wasteful Things That Drive Us Bonkers

It’s the year 2018, you would think that by now people would be reducing the amount of unnecessarily wasteful things in their lives. We’re supposed to be living in this advanced and incredibly efficient world by now.

Unfortunately, the unnecessarily wasteful things have not gone away. In fact, they have gotten much worse.

Below you will find the most unnecessarily wasteful things that people posted on Reddit and Twitter.

1. When you have a Christmas tree or plants in your household, they look nice for a while, but eventually, they die and have to be thrown out. This one Reddit user (Flazoulin) posted a picture of someone who will never have to rake up the leaves or take out the tree. They will never have to water it again, but will have to keep the electricity on 24/7 to keep it running.

2. When we have things shipped, sometimes the packaging is a bit extreme. This Twitter user (DeLaNate) posted a picture of a package he received. The package had three pairs of socks and seven feet of air packaging. A bit extreme in my opinion.

3. Again, we have another post that deals with excessive packaging; I’m starting to think there is a trend here. This Reddit user (kayoza) posted a picture of a tiny figurine. The excessive paper and large box seem a bit much for a figurine that is no more than a couple of inches tall.

4. When you order candy, you’d expect it to come in a pack. This one Reddit user (betterdayzahead) singles out the packaging industry once again. Instead of wrapping jellybeans into bunches, they wrapped each bean individually. Talk about a waste of time.

5. I understand wrapping loose sugar, but isn’t the whole point of sugar cubes so they don’t need to be wrapped or packaged? (@SharonMC68)

6. When you go grocery shopping, you tend to buy a lot of things so you don’t find yourself back there the following week. When this happens, your receipt tends to be long. This individual bought one thing and thought he was saving paper by not purchasing a bag. Turns out he wasn’t. (@ofchappee)

7. When you buy oranges, they have the peel on them, correct? Well, can someone tell me why these oranges are peeled and placed in a plastic container? Can we not get these oranges some peels so we can save money on the useless plastic containers? (@awlilnatty)

Twitter | @awlilnatty

8. When taking medication, it is important to have as much information as possible. But if this package only comes with one tablet, is the size of the package and all that information necessary for just one single tablet? (Neglected_Martian)

9. I have never seen raw fruits and vegetables plastic-wrapped. I figured the reason they’re not is for people to see if they’ve gone bad or if they’re ripe enough. Plastic wrapping sweet potatoes is not sweet at all, it’s just making unnecessary garbage. (@MiyabiCharcoal)

10. Speaking of overkill, I guess in order to get to the candy you need to get through the box and if you’re successful with that, try opening the bag without spilling it everywhere. Completely unnecessary! (Caesar100)

Reddit | Caesar

11. When I have bought bread, it usually comes in a loaf that is wrapped together. However, apparently, there is a high demand for individually wrapped slices of bread. If I needed to make a sandwich, I would absolutely hate to have to unwrap two slices individually. (SaveLakeCanton)

12. Speaking of unnecessarily wasteful things, can someone please explain to me the message behind this posting? Was it meant to be a joke? Regardless if it was, it is a complete waste of time. (hayx9977)

13. I like the occasional Tic Tac, but if someone bought me a giant box that was full of 60 small boxes of Tic Tac’s, I’d tell them to go get their money back. (Woody1992)

14. Can someone please tell me why this company would make a case for a disc that is apparently not needed at all? Couldn’t you have emailed the instructions or even just gave the person a paper with them on it when they purchased the product? (BirdNerdthe3rd)

Reddit | BirdNerdthe3rd

15. If you have never heard of the McCups, they are one of the most unfriendly products for the environment. They are now compostable, but wrapping them in plastic kind of ruins the whole compostable idea now. (sabraybray)

16. I’m no expert of packaging products, but even I can tell you that this packaging is a little on the extreme side. Why did you need to raise the middle blades for? (xfinchx21)

Reddit | xfinchx21

17.Things We Can’t Live Without: I’ve been talking about things that are a waste of time, but how about things people can’t live without. This one individual mentions that they now have LEGO pieces that are in the shape of gummies. It would be tough to decide if I should build them or eat them. (memelif3)

18.I’ll admit, this is taking watching television to a whole new level, but there is no way this can be safe?

Instagram | @will_ent

19.You can’t talk about ridiculous things we can’t live without if you don’t mention a giant dinosaur. Granted, we know you can raise them in a theme park, but nobody said you cannot strap one to a truck and drive it down the street. (@will_ent)

20.I’ll admit, if I owned this t-shirt, I would wear it almost every chance I had. Everyone loves to read the messages on people’s shirts, so I guarantee it will fool almost everyone. (nedelbach)


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