Model Who Lost Her Leg After Using Tampon For Too Long Will Lose Other Leg


Lauren Wasser went through something that most people could not understand. After developing toxic shock syndrome, the 29-year-old Los Angeles based model lost her leg. Wasser’s right leg had to be amputated from the knee down due to gangrene. Now she has been told that she must have her left leg amputated as well due to continuing infection.

When the 29-year-old model lost her leg in 2012, the doctors had informed her that she would probably lose the other one as well. However, Lauren Wasser opted not to have her left leg amputated. She cited her faith in God and the belief that she would heal as the main factors for her decision.

Though she tried hard to save her left leg, Wasser has said that it will also have to be amputated. The infection had spread too far from her right leg. While the doctors were amputating her right leg, they also had to remove several toes from Wasser’s left foot as they were already infected.

Wasser shared the story of losing her leg in 2012 when she was 24. She had her period and was using a tampon. Shortly after, she began to feel sick but thought that it was the flu.

The Los Angeles based model went to a party at a friend’s house but continued feeling sick. Her friends told her that she should go home, which was what she did.


Wasser woke up to the sounds of police knocking on her door. They had been sent by her mother who was worried after not hearing from Lauren.

Wasser said she was okay, but the police said they would check on her again later. When they did, she was found unresponsive and running a fever of 108 degrees.

Lauren Wasser was rushed to the hospital. Doctors told her she was 10 minutes from dying, and that they had to take action immediately. Wasser was put into a medically induced coma.

Wasser woke up a week later and heard a nurse speaking on the phone. She mentioned a 24-year-old who would need her leg amputated. Wasser knew the nurse meant her. She began screaming and crying.

The model lost her leg but refused to have her left leg amputated as well. “[I was] just a girl. I had my whole life. My legs were my life,” Wasser said in an interview with StyleLikeU.

In spite of everything she has gone through, Lauren Wasser has worked hard to raise awareness about toxic shock syndrome, and how it can affect anybody.

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