Italian Island Village Is Selling Hundreds Of Homes For $1.25 Each

Some people fantasize about one day owning a home in a faraway Italian village. That dream can now be a reality, for the same price as a can of pop. Situated in the mountain region of Barbagia on the Mediterranean island of Sardinia is the wonderful town of Ollolai. Hundreds of abandoned homes have now been made available for just $1.25, or 1 euro.

With a rich history, culture, and beautiful landscape, it has everything needed to lure people back to the dwindling town. Although it isn’t the first Italian town to attempt this, it’s the first to live up to the promise, and it’s a deal that will be tough to pass upon. Though this may seem too good to be true, it does, however, come with a catch.

Those who decide to acquire real estate, which is in poor condition, must commit to a refurbishment of the property within the first three years, which is said to cost a projected $25,000. The homes come in various different states, some of which have been uninhabited for decades now. The real idea behind it all is to rejuvenate a lost community and preserve its past. The population of Ollolai has been diminishing, with only 1,300 residents currently.

The intriguing proposal was brought forth by the town’s mayor, Efisio Arbau. “We boast prehistoric origins,” he told CNN, adding, “My crusade is to rescue our unique traditions from falling into oblivion.

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Ollolai, formerly the capital of Barbagia, is the most untouched and authentic patch on the island of Sardinia. It features a maze of alleys, mural-covered piazzas, premium sheep cheese, zero smog, and scenic views. With much of the youth heading to more developed cities in Italy, the town hopes to now attract people back with this fantastic deal for new residents.

Although the properties aren’t in top shape, three homes have already been sold, with over 100 purchase requests from across the world. With the welcoming of new residents, and the refurbishment of these homes, it is their hope that the economy will be revived, and new jobs will be made available.

Vito Casula, the first person to have purchased a home in Ollolai, recommends the village to anyone who “is sick with too much stress and needs a break,” telling CNN that the quiet town “offers a peaceful, healthy life.” Who could pass up on that?

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