Guy Installs Camera To Catch The Thief That Keeps Stealing His Things, Can’t Believe His Eyes

When you have the unfortunate luck of having a thief visit your home, chances are they try to steal your most valuable possessions. I’m talking your television, jewelry, expensive watches. Stuff like that. This was not the case for Senthil Nathan from Chennai, India.

He grew more and more confused when he noticed that someone was constantly was stealing random, non-valuable things from his front porch. Things like doormats, mops and basic stuff you need to clean around the house. But what thief would waste time to do this?

Senthil told Bored Panda, “We live in an apartment and occupy one of the flats in the ground floor. We originally suspected that it was a cat, which comes and sleeps on our porch sometimes.” But there’s no way a cat was able to carry some of the stuff that went missing.

Eventually, Senthil got worried that the thief would want to start stealing more valuable stuff, so he had enough. He decided to install a CCTV camera that would hopefully capture the thief in the act.

Luckily for him, his doormat was gone yet again and this time IT WAS CAUGHT ON CAMERA! Time to see who is up to all this. Senthil described the incident to a friend and posted exclusive photos of the thief in a tweet.

The tweet has now officially gone viral. First, Senthil tweeted out a screenshot of his texts to his friend describing the situation. He started the text, saying “Did I tell you we installed a CCTV at home. So what happened is…stuff kept outside our house kept getting stolen. Doormat, mop etc.”

He continued, texting his friend, “…worried the thief experiments with small stuff and will migrate to bigger items later. So we installed CCTV camera at the entrance. So we woke up this morning…and…and the doormat was missing again”.

Eventually, Senthil ended up showing the camera footage that the CCTV captured. And sure enough, the thief was perfectly seen. If you look closely, you see an adorable dog pulling the doormat through the gate.

Senthil told Bored Panda, “I know he is one of 3 stray dogs that play in the neighborhood, but I haven’t found the other doormats yet”. However, Senthil figured out exactly why the dog takes the doormats every night, and it’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever heard.

Senthil tweeted out, saying: “We figured out that the dog drags it to the street and sleeps on it for the night”. Honestly, if that isn’t the most heartwarming thing you’ve heard all week, I don’t know what is. Poor puppy just wants to be comfy for a change.

People responded with some pretty funny tweets, one person noting: “That dog’s home must be so welcoming, what with all the mats”. Someone else tweeted, “That probably means the dog has a stash somewhere with all his trophies”. So sweet!

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