16 Epic Toy Design Fails That Are So Bad, It’s Hilarious

Children’s toys are sometimes not designed or built in the best ways. As these toy design fails demonstrate, it happens more often than you might think. These badly designed toys somehow made it off the assembly line and into the toy store without anyone seeing any problems.

Are these the worst toys ever? They’re certainly poorly built toys, that’s for sure. How did any of these toy design fails even happen? You would think that quality control would be tighter for objects that are going to end up in the hands of kids.

These 16 toy design fails will have you double checking all of the toys that you might be buying for your kids. You never know when you might be getting a bad toy, so always check thoroughly for any design defects or things that should not be there. Then again, some of these mistakes are clearly just toy designers getting lazy.

1. When your kid’s night light actually ends up being scarier than a dark bedroom, you know that something has gone seriously wrong.

2. Something tells us that this toy can’t be very comfortable having to sit on the log like that. Maybe the two pieces were never supposed to be separated?

3. This poor dinosaur looks like it hasn’t got a decent night’s sleep in 65 million years. That, or it was partying pretty hard the previous night.

4. We all remember what we learned in elementary school: that ducks are yellow, they have no wings, and they walk around on four legs.

5. You might think that there’s no way that a toy company could mess up something as simple as a soccer ball, but you’d be wrong.

6. Emma Watson probably was not too flattered by her official Beauty and the Beast doll. Did nobody at the toy company say anything about the amount of forehead?

7. Poor Cinderella. Wasn’t she put through enough by her evil stepmother and stepsisters without having a puzzle piece mess her face up?

8. This toy company was absolutely positive that no one would try and remove the bear’s sweater. They were certainly wrong about that.

9. If a Tyrannosaurus Rex actually looked like this, it’s safe to say that Jurassic Park probably would have been a lot less terrifying.

10. Okay, so this toy may have been specially made for a dentist’s office, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s still extremely creepy.

11. This is the definition of a wasted opportunity. The Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland is the three of clubs in this deck of Disney playing cards.

12. Look, toys don’t have to be amazing for kids to have fun with them. They just use their imagination, but could the company at least get the labeling correct?

13. It should have been really easy to place the noses properly on these toys. Maybe they’re not paying their employees enough to care at the toy factory.

14. Someone at Animal Planet obviously got the job without being qualified enough, or they just ran out of tarantula toys and hoped that nobody would notice.

15. By now, Pikachu should be an iconic enough character that somebody that’s assembling it in a toy factory can tell the difference between its tail and ears.

16. There are so many things wrong with this pack of “Power Rangers” that it’s hard to know where to begin. No wonder it’s only $2.99.

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