25 Translation Fails That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing

When we are on vacation in another country, a lot of the time we don’t know the language. We are relying on the translations of store names, menus and more to help us through our travels.

When these translations aren’t exactly correct sometimes we laugh and sometimes we have to figure out our own way around.

Below is a list of 25 translation fails that will have you rolling on the floor laughing.

1. Eating Carpet: When this person was at the airport in a different country they found out that eating carpet was prohibited. We are sure that this isn’t the accurate translation for this sign but we do find this translation fail hilarious. Unless this is an accurate translation and they had to put the sign up because too many English speaking people were actually eating carpet.

2. Broken Elevator: There are a lot of little spelling errors in this English translation fail that we can bypass. The one that we find hilarious is the ‘so’ added before ‘broken’. It’s really funny that this translation fail added the so in the sentence because it makes it sound like it is more broken than any other elevator before.

3. Paul’s Dead: The accurate translation for this sign is ‘meatball’. But the translation fail that this buffet decided to go with was ‘Paul is dead’. We are not sure how this translation fail happened but we have to admit that it is hilarious that it did and we can’t stop laughing at it.

4. High Maintenance: We are not sure if any English speaking people would go to this salon considering that they are calling the people who go “high maintenance.” But we can’t stop laughing at this translation fail. If they really want people to go to this salon they should try changing the name, or keep it the same and let people have a laugh.

Imgur /u/ timmyvee

5. Toilet Prayer: We know that learning a different language is hard and that translation fails are going to happen, but this one is a big one. We are pretty sure that the toilet is not the place to go for prayer. And if it was it would make for a very awkward experience when you are trying to go.

6. Chicken Sale: This English translation fail is pretty accurate. When you go to this place to buy your chicken you really are buying the sale of chicken murder. It’s pretty hilarious that some translation fails can be as accurate as this one is. There may be a better way for this translation to happen though that might bring more English speakers in the shop.

7. Vacuum The Shower: We are thinking that this isn’t the accurate translation for this. If we were to turn on the vacuum in the shower a lot of things would go wrong. And we are not sure why we would need the vacuum to be on when we are in the shower. Wouldn’t the shower be clean anyways?

8. Evil Saloon: Judging by the photo in the sign we are guessing this is an English translation fail. We don’t think they mean saloon but actually salon and we are guessing evil isn’t accurate either. Though this may bring a whole different type of customer into this salon it might not be the type of customer these owners want.

9. You Obey, You Leave: This sign translation fail could cause a lot of confusion on everyone’s part. We are guessing that what they meant to write on the sign was that if you don’t obey the rules then you will be asked to leave. We just hope that every other English speaking person has the same common sense as us and understands that this is just a little translation fail.

Instagram /u/ @ameenagorton

10. Don’t Feed…What?: We are guessing from the image on the sign that this is a translation fail. We don’t think that there are flamingos walking amongst humans at all. What they meant to write on the sign is to not feel the llamas. Hopefully, people are able to look at the image on the sign to figure out what animals they aren’t supposed to be feeding.

11. Adulteress: This translation fail comes off of a menu in Iraq and is quite hilarious. We are guessing that the people who are serving this meat have no clue that these animals were actually “adulteresses”. They probably wanted this word to mean something other than what it means.

Twitter /u/ @ThamtheTerrible

12. I Don’t Want That: It is safe to say that no one wants urine in their salad. We really hope this is a translation fail because no one is going to want urine in their salad. To any English speaking person out there that saw this sign and ordered the salad anyways, we hope that you enjoyed it.

Instagram /u/ @zvstrack

13. Don’t Cry: We are thinking that is a translation fail because the image doesn’t match the words. We are pretty sure the right translation would be to not talk. But just in case there is a high chance that you might cry, maybe you should avoid going anywhere near where this sign is.

Instagram /u/ @tefocoto

14. Head To No Place: We are not sure why there needs to be a sign that tells someone there is no place that way, but here is a sign that apparently does exactly that. This was a sign outside of a parking lot in Costa Rica and Instagram user @alexf_plan thinks that what the sign was trying to say is that the lot was full. That makes this one really good translation fail.

15. What’s In The Curry?: We know that curry is made with a lot of different ingredients but we didn’t know that crap was one of them. What they probably meant was that there were a lot of ingredients inside of the curry but the translation came out as a big fail. English speaking people probably thought that there was actual crap inside the curry and decided to pass.

16. Save Water: We are pretty sure that if we wanted to save water we wouldn’t flush the toilet more than we normally would. Yet that is exactly what this translation fail is telling everyone to do. We hope that a lot of English speaking people will not actually think this is true because it really is a waste of water that is entirely unneeded.

17. Skin Milk: We are hoping that this is a translation fail because we don’t think that many people would want to have skin milk. We are pretty sure that what they wanted to say was skim milk which a lot of people probably wouldn’t mind drinking. We can’t stop laughing at this tiny translation fail.

Instagram /u/ @buttondownrob

18. Didn’t Know That Was Fish: This sign was spotted on a beach in Ecuador by Instagram user @girlonvoyage. It states that one of the options for a fish was a sailor. Now we are no geniuses but we are pretty sure that a sailor is a human and not actually fish. We are really wondering what they meant by having sailor on the menu.

Instagram /u/ @girlonvoyage

19. Penne Arrabbiata: Penne Arrabbiata is a really spicy pasta sauce and it’s delicious. A lot of people know what it is because it’s on a lot of menus so hopefully this translation fail didn’t confuse them too much. It is hilarious though, that this translation says that this dish is “pens to angry.” Don’t be afraid, there will be no “angry pens” in this pasta dish.

20. Pepper In Dairy Cream…: A lot of people know what paprika is, so this translation fail shouldn’t stump too many English speaking tourists. But just in case it does, paprika isn’t pepper in dairy cream. It is actually a delicious spice that millions of people enjoy all around the world, including me on a regular basis.

21. Huh?: We are not sure is this is accurate or not but it seems really strange that there would be a mosque only for goats. We are going to call this one a translation fail because we are pretty certain it is. But if there is a mosque only for goats, people must really care about those goats a lot.

22. Bathing Squad: Apparently you need to have enough people in your squad if you want to head out into this water. We are pretty sure this is just another translation fail but just incase you take this seriously, you better get your squad together and head down here together. Plus if you go to the beach with your rescue squad you will probably have more fun.

23. Will You Find The Exit?: This is one translation fail that has made us laugh uncontrollably. We can’t help but think, ‘will you find the exit or will the exit find you,’ in the most sinister voice. Thought this only a minor translation fail we find it really hilarious. And we really hope that this sign did help English speaking travelers find the exit.

24. Good Appetite: This translation fail is only half wrong. People probably do some to this restaurant because they have a good appetite and want to eat. But the accurate translation would be, “enjoy your meal.” We can understand why they thought it was good appetite though. We are sure there are a bunch of travelers who devour the food when they are hungry.

25. Stop Being Greedy: We all know that people can be greedy when it comes to food. And according to this translation fail, ice cream can also be greedy. We think that it’s supposed to be gourmet and not greedy. It doesn’t matter though because we are sure that many English speakers will happily get their hands on some of this delicious greedy ice cream.

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