Hilarious ‘I Woke Up To This’ Pictures

\Hilarious ‘I Woke Up To This’ Pictures

The piercing sound of an alarm clock followed by the dread of having to leave the comforts of a duvet cocoon is what most of us expect when we open our eyes to a new day. However, this isn’t always the case. It’s a vulnerable time when we drift off to la-la land and sometimes, we wake up with more questions than we had when our heads initially hit the pillow.

Whether it’s the aftermath of one booze-fueled evening or just chance oddity, there are certain wake-up experiences that can be more alarming than an actual alarm clock. People all over the Internet have shared some hilarious photos of things that they’ve woken up to that are truly questionable. You may think you know what you’re going to wake up to before you doze off, but you can never really be sure.

You may think you know what you’re going to wake up to before you doze off, but you can never really be sure. Here are 24  of the funniest “I woke up to this” photos that got mornings off to one weird start

1. “Gave this guy a piece of bacon on my way home from the bar last night. Followed me ten blocks home,” Reddit user, urscriptisweak, wrote. “This is how I woke up.” Let’s just hope that that cat doesn’t have fleas or this guy might have woken up with more than one new pet.

2. “So I woke up and ended up in a Disney movie,” wrote Reddit user JSpinnler. If there was ever a moment to spontaneously break out into song, this would be it. Maybe if this person plays their cards right they can get them to help clean up their abode or even conjure up a ball gown.

3. “I went through a serious surgery one day before my friend’s wedding,” wrote yoyobeni. “This is what I woke up to at the hospital one hour before they said ‘yes’ to each other.” If you miss a wedding, the wedding doesn’t usually come to you, but these friends brought love to a whole other level on their big day.

4. When you wake up after having one alcoholic tsunami of an evening, there are usually many questions that come racing through your pounding brain. How you managed to get home is typically the first inquiry, and your phone (if you still have it), can sometimes provide answers. This guy was lucky to discover he was escorted to his bed and not a drunk tank.

5. Reddit user, zrcjessica, wrote, “I wake up at 2 am to find my roommate passed out in a box of packing peanuts.” You may not be able to choose who you share a dorm room with, but at least if things don’t work out here, a return to sender is easy enough.

6. “So my son decided to wake me up wearing his new mask. Almost [expletive] my pants,” wrote Reddit user Skissored. There’s a reason horror movies feature kids so much. When more experienced parents tell people expecting kids that they’ll be up all night, maybe it’s advice and not a warning.

7. “After a night of fairly heavy drinking, I woke up to find I took a very unnecessary cab ride. Thank you Uber for rubbing it in my face with the detailed map,” wrote uhcougars1151. You have to be a special type of drunk to not recognize your own street corner. Surely, this isn’t the only surprise he woke up to.

8. “Fed two ducks yesterday on the porch and woke up to this today,” wrote one Reddit user. Clearly, word travels fast amongst the duck community. You may be tempted to feed these hungry ducks to avoid a rebellion, but tomorrow could very well end up looking like an Alfred Hitchcock film.

9. Imgur user, johnnyp86, uploaded this toad tea party picture, writing, “My roommates woke me up at 3:45 AM by laughing. I walked out to yell at them, and found this.” At this point, the only real reason to be mad at your roommates is that you weren’t invited.

10. Reddit user, BADGERUK90, shared this photo, writing, “Went camping last night. My brother decided he was going to sleep ‘under the stars.’ He woke up to this.” Sleeping under the stars is never as romantic as the notion may seem. If you aren’t woken up by the blistering sunlight, it’s a horde of pigs.

11. “Fell asleep in the library,” wrote Weszzel. “Found this on my desk when I woke up.” It’s not every day that your public napping inspires a sense of both nostalgia and generosity in a stranger. These five dollars may not be much to this alumnus now, but they know it’s a small fortune to a student.

12. “Woke up, half asleep, opened the door to the bathroom and my heart dropped down to my balls,” FriendlyBassplayer wrote on Reddit. “Well played, roommate.” There’s nothing like turning on the lights to be greeted by a decrepit Stoor Hobbit to take you from groggy to alert in a second flat.

13. “I woke up to the sound of someone shouting, ‘It’s Christmas! It’s Christmas!’ I look outside and see this,” wrote XYZ. Sometimes all it takes is that first snowfall to make your inner elf want to claw its way out. Sometimes it’s just drugs. In this case, it’s probably the latter.

14. “A friend of mine recently broke his arm,” wrote Reddit user dust. “This is what he woke up to after a night spent with friends.” Let’s face it, if you’ve got a cast, people don’t see physical suffering, they see a blank canvas. While genitalia is the usual go-to, this guy was treated to something much more elegant.

15. This Imgur user woke up, heard a noise downstairs and discovered this, which prompts quite a few questions. Most of all, how long were you asleep that a creature so notoriously slow was able to not only gain entry into your home but also make its way to a fridge and open it?

16. “Me and my girlfriend sleep naked. Just woke up to this in Chicago,” wrote Reddit user possibility. Anyone living in a city high-rise has had at least one unexpected encounter with these building-scaling window washers, but this couple’s experience was a little more intimate. This probably isn’t the first time this has happened to him.

17. “My husband bet me I couldn’t shave his foot without him waking up,” Potatoprincessa wrote on Reddit. “This is what he woke up to this morning.” Not only did she manage to give her husband one solid foot shave, she even managed to add some intricate nail art (unless it was there already).

18. “Woke up this morning to find this in the stove,” 1Patrick wrote on Reddit. “How he got through the pipes, I don’t know. How I’m going to get him out, I don’t know.” Judging by the stern look in that bird’s eye, you better make sure you have your running shoes on for when you open that latch.

19. “I woke up to this a few weeks ago,” thekrugenator shared with Reddit. You have to admire the effort it would take to blow up this many balloons and there’s no denying it would be a fun surprise, but once those things start popping at night, it might feel like you’re living in a bag of popcorn being microwaved.

20. “Our 8-year-old son woke up early this morning to put together stockings for me and his mom, which were just plastic bags full of what you see here,” Reddit user, fried_eggs_and_ham, shared with the community. If Santa Claus ever needs to retire, this kid might just be the perfect replacement.

21. “My friend woke up with 336 cans of cream of celery soup on her porch and has absolutely no idea why,” sig338 wrote on Reddit. I mean, if you check all of your credit card statements and there’s no sign of a payment made then this delivery should be celebrated and questioned no further.

22. “I got laser tattoo removal and woke up with this frog-shaped blister,” opentoadd shared on Reddit. If the initial tattoo wasn’t of a frog then this blister is quite concerning. However, if the intention here was a 3D tattoo of one of those sticky hand toys you get from vending machines then this artist deserves a raise.

23. “Woke up this morning to this,” Reddit user, shc86, wrote. “My mom wants to watch Breaking Bad on her iPad, but she also wants the dog to be able to look out the window.” Realistically, she could just change chairs, but the lengths she’ll go for her dog are admirable either way.

24. One Reddit user shared this haunting image with the community, writing, “My roommates woke me up from a nap today to show me their Halloween costumes. About [expletive] my pants when I opened my eyes.” Who knew a homemade Bert and Ernie costume could be so unsettling? Are those red eyes?

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