Hairy Man Shaves His Body For A Bodybuilder Competition

People, meet Devin Cara. If he looks a little familiar it’s because his body hair has been the talk of the town before the video in this story surfaced.

As a matter of fact, Cara’s hair has actually won him a few prizes. He won the World Beard and Moustache Championships for the epic beard he grew back in 2011, which was held in Trondheim, Norway that year.

In 2013, Cara uploaded a 16-minute video to his YouTube channel that showed him shaving off his award-winning beard. The video contained updates as the minutes of trying to hack through the beard ticked by.

Not even three minutes in, Cara let people know that he needed scissors to cut through his beard and couldn’t use clippers. His beard was so thick and curly that the Clippers couldn’t even do their job.

Along with the video, Cara added, “I decided to spontaneously shave off my beard after 4 years and several trophies from local, national, and international beard competitions. My wife, Kelly, does a great job narrating,” in the description section.

Wife Kelly was back again this time as Cara got ready to tackle his entire torso.

In order to prepare for a bodybuilding competition, Cara needed to buzz down the copious amounts of hair on his chest, arms, and back.

Cara shows off his body hair in the 33-minute video and begins to comb through it so viewers can get a look at just how much hair we’re talking about here.

He takes a razor to it and once he’s done with one half, he stands in the mirror for a look at the drastic changes in appearance.

Kelly then takes to the razor and starts shaving stripes down his back because, honestly, why not? But unfortunately, she didn’t leave the stripes there and shaved the entire thing.

Cara did a pose for viewers once he was all clean-shaven. You can watch his transformation on YouTube.

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