Couple That Tortured Young Woman And Kept Her As A ‘Sex Slave’ For 18 Months Is Jailed For 22 Years

A couple from the United Kingdom in Leicestershire has been charged and sentenced to 22 years in prison after torturing and keeping a young woman as a sex slave for almost 18 months. Kevin Warren (27) and Donna Morris (35) treated the woman in her 20s like an animal.

 A 'Sex Slave' For 18 Months Is Jailed For 22

According to the police who spoke with DailyMail, the sinister couple repeatedly treated the young woman with “physical, emotional and sexual abuse” even including rape. The couple also had control over the woman’s finances. After what was reportedly a ‘chance meeting’ with Kevin Warren, the woman was enslaved shortly after.

It wasn’t until after a conversation with a friend of the victim that the victim was convinced to contact the police to file a grievance against her captors. The victim who cannot be named for legal reasons spoke with DailyMail after the couple was sentenced, stating “They took complete control over all my finances, leaving me vulnerable and reliant on them in all aspects of my life.”

Both Warren and Morris plead guilty under the charge of the Modern Slavery Act during their trial at the end of 2017. The couple has been sentenced to 22 years in prison for their crimes.

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The victim told the DailyMail: “My spirit and fight had gone, and I was barely human. One day I could take no more, and fell apart.”

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Luckily for the victim, her captors were charged and sentenced to a lengthy stay in prison. Leicestershire Police Inspector Mark Parish said in a press release posted on the Leicestershire Police website that the crimes, in this case, were “truly shocking in their wickedness.”

The Police department in Leicestershire wishes to warn all people that intend to inflict harm on another human like this. They stated to the DailyMail that “You will be caught, and you will face justice.”

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