Korn Guitarist In Hot Water Over Comments Made About Chester Bennington’s Passing

Korn Guitarist In Hot Water Over Comments

By now the world has learned of Chester Bennington’s tragic death. The dad of six and the frontman for Linkin Park took his own life on July 20th. He hung himself just months after the suicide of his close friend Chris Cornell, singer of Soundgarden and Audioslave. As the world grieved the death of yet another singer, another popular member of the music industry decided to chime in.

Brian ‘Head’ Welch, the guitarist and co-founder of the band Korn, made some disparaging comments about the death of Chester.

He called Chester’s act ‘cowardly’ and many fans rightfully defended the deceased singer.

On his Facebook, Brian posted a lengthy post about his ‘friend’ Chester: ‘honestly, Chester’s an old friend who we’ve hung with many times, and I have friends who are extremely close to him, but this is truly pissing me off!’

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He continued on by saying: ‘How can these guys send this message to their kids and fans?! I’m sick of this suicide s***!’

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He ended off by writing: ‘I’ve battled depression/mental illness, and I’m trying to be [sympathetic], but it’s hard when you’re pissed! Enough is enough! Giving up on your kids, fans, and life is the cowardly way out!!!’

Korn Guitarist In Hot Water Over Comments YouTube

It was this remark that incited anger and emotion from fans of both Korn and Linkin Park. They lambasted the post with some calling on him to delete it.

A fan posted: ‘wow. Expected more from someone who has battled depression. Not cowardly at all. At that particular moment, they felt it was the ONLY way. Sad statement, hoping you amend it.’

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Another Facebook follower of Brian’s decision to post: ‘just because you made it through doesn’t mean everyone does, Brian.’

The fan continued on by saying: ‘some people are stronger than others. I just kinda lost a lot of respect for you. RIP Chester.’

But Brian’s rant on Facebook didn’t just end there. He tried to explain his reasoning by stating that there could be external factors that influenced Chester’s decision.

‘I’m sorry, I know meds and/or alcohol may have been involved, I’m just processing like all of us and I know we are all having some of the same thoughts/feelings.’

He finished off his lengthy post with a positive remark: ‘Lord, take Chester in your arms and please re-unite him with his family and all of us one day. Be with his wife and kids with your grace during this difficult time.’

Linkin Park has since cancelled all their upcoming show dates along with a joint tour with the pop-punk band Blink 182.

But LP fans have rallied together and the leading fan site for the group has penned an emotional tribute for their beloved frontman. The letter can be found at their fan site: LinkinParkLive.net.

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