Kelly Ripa Finally Got Her Daughter’s Approval And Shared Their Family’s Christmas Card On Instagram

Wrangling up family members for a Christmas card can become quite the uphill battle once kids become teenagers. Kelly Ripa discovered this seasonal quandary when her 16-year-old daughter decided to protest her picture choice for the annual send out. Luckily, Ripa eventually got the seal of approval and shared her unconventional Christmas card on Instagram.

Anderson Cooper filled in as a guest host on Live! with Kelly and Ryan where he brought up the topic of sending out Christmas cards. A topic which Ripa revealed to the audience has caused a bit of turbulence in her family recently. The mother-of-three thought she had a certified winner with one family picture she’d taken over Thanksgiving but was quickly met with objection.

“I took a lovely picture of all of us on Thanksgiving and I said, ‘What if we make this the final Christmas card? It’s all of us. We look like we’re dressed up. We don’t look as miserable as we clearly are. Let’s just use this photo,” Ripa explained on the show. Naturally, Ripa’s daughter Lola disapproved, which made her jokingly debate if she should just cut her out entirely.

However, Kelly somehow managed to convince her daughter. Three weeks after relaying her Christmas card predicament on Live!, Ripa uploaded the picture to Instagram to wish her followers a “LIT” holiday season. The caption comically concluded with the elusive Lola seal of approval.

Kelly Ripa’s seasonal Instagram greeting received over 100,000 likes in just a matter of days. In Lola’s defense, if your picture is getting that much attention on social media, it definitely warrants a heightened level of pickiness over the photo selection.

Lola’s persnickety attitude towards her mom’s social media game has become a long-running joke on Ripa’s Instagram. Any picture of Lola on Ripa’s profile is usually adorned with a confirmation of the 16-year-old’s approval in the caption.

Kelly Ripa’s annual Christmas card may not have been taken intentionally for the holiday, but when you’ve got three kids on the cusp of adulthood, you’ve gotta work with what you’ve got.

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