Sorority Sisters Do ‘Melanin Illustrated’ Photo Shoot

Sorority Sisters Do ‘Melanin Illustrated’ Photo Shoot

Sororities and fraternities are a big part of many people’s education. During the time after high school and entering a brand new environment, these social groups can be important and helpful to newcomers. Whether it is to make new friends or to create lifelong bonds, many people have embraced their respective sororities or fraternities.

But a recent group of sisters from Florida’s A&M University took the internet by storm after their photoshoot went viral.

They celebrated their ‘sisterhood’ with what they called ‘Melanin Illustrated.’

The group of women vacationed on a three-day trip to Costa Rica. They were all a part of the Beta Alpha chapter of Delta Sigma Theta.

They celebrated their ten-year anniversary since joining in 2007. The sisters are all professional women aged between 29 to 35.

They have been intertwined in each other’s lives ever since they met at the sorority. In an interview, LaToya Owens said: ‘being in a sisterhood means having a support system and someone always there to count on.’

LaToya was one of the first to join her chapter at A&M and she was also the one who organized the trip. The photoshoot went viral with hashtags such as ‘Melanin Illustrated’ and ‘TITE takes Costa Rica.’

Melanin is defined as the pigment that dictates the color of human skin, hair, and eyes. The darker the skin the more melanin one has.

LaToya continued on by saying: ‘we spent three days bonding and doing fun activities, and then we rented out a catamaran that took us to a private beach where we took the photos.’

She also said that they all wanted to share the same theme by wearing nude-coloured bathing suits and celebrating black beauty and empowering one another as well as other women.

LaToya finished off by saying: ‘black women are often overlooked in beauty. This was our way to shine a light on all types of black beauty. Our sorority is all about black excellence. We want to serve as an example and [show] appreciation for black women. Our commitment is to scholarship and service, and this was to honour the sisterhood.’

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