Kate Hudson Shaves Her Head And The Internet Reacts

Kate Hudson Shaves Her Head And The Internet ReactsLainey Gossip

After Britney Spears shaved off her entire head of hair back in 2007, it’s totally normal for us to associate buzzcuts with drastic lifestyle changes. 

It was later revealed after this incident, that Britney was, in fact, going through something really difficult and luckily now she’s managed to sort herself out and looks like she’s back to normal. Of course, there could be a bunch of other reasons why celebs change their hair.

It could be for a movie role or because a change in season means a change in hairstyle. We’re pretty sure we’ll be seeing a lot of that once summer comes to a close. Recently, however, one star is getting people’s attention for her drastic change.

Kate Hudson was spotted looking a little bit different. Her blonde locks were switched for a completely shaved head.

Kate Hudson Shaves Her Head And The Internet ReactsInstagram @katehudson

Hudson posted a photo on her social media earlier this week, showing her newly-shaved head.

The shot was taken on the set of a film that she is currently working on called Sister which is directed by singer Sia.

Instagram @SiaInstagram @Sia

According to Daily Mail, the film will also feature young actress-dancer Maddie Ziegler who is 14 years old.

No one knows exactly what the project is, but fans are dying to find out. E! News notes that apparently, Hudson went on Snapchat to reveal that she’ll be dancing in the project.

This could be an extended music video and based on Ziegler’s Instagram, Hudson is the only one who made a drastic change.

Daily Mail noted that Kurt Russell, Kate’s Stepfather, was able to shed some light on the production. He told news reports, “I don’t know…but I think that she’s gonna do this musical that Sia is going to direct”

It’s really hard to tell if this is going to be a movie or a music video but regardless fans are pretty excited and are totally embracing Kate’s new look.

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