George, Charlotte, Meghan, Meghan’s Ring. See All The Photos From The Queen’s Christmas Lunch

Ever wondered what the Queen’s Christmas lunch would be like? So do we. But we do know it involved George, Charlotte, Meghan and her ring. The Queen’s annual lunch took place at Buckingham Palace on Wednesday, December 20th.

The dinner is a royal tradition, it typically happens prior to Christmas. This allows the monarch to see family members of the extended royal family who most likely won’t be spending Christmas at Sandringham with her immediate family.

This year, it seems like anyone and everyone arrived at this lunch. Many people we could not recognize, as they were part of the extended family. But there were a bunch of familiar faces that we were happy to see. Prince William and his wife Kate came with their adorable kids, along with their nanny. Also, Meghan and Harry showed up as well. Check out some of the photos that have been released, and take note of their incredible outfits!

Check out this first photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The two were all smiles, while William was behind the wheel and Kate was right next to him. The couple also brought their nanny, Maria Borrallo to be with the kids for the big day. You can also see a bit of Charlotte’s hair in the back seat.

Aww, Princess Charlotte is all grown up! We can’t believe how fast time flies. Everyone remembers the day this one was born. She truly is a spitting image of her great-grandmother, Queen Elizabeth. She has dark hair like her mother and light blue eyes like her father. She drove with her parents.

But let’s not forget about Prince George! He was there too, of course. He was also hanging out in the backseat of the car, along with his sister and nanny. The little guy was rocking the same blue wool coat from Amaia that he wore to last year’s lunch.

Then there are photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle driving up together. Harry took the driver’s seat while Markle sat in the passenger seat. Meghan looked like she was rocking a slimming high neck top, while Harry was in his suit.

This year marked Meghan’s first appearance at the event. It’s nerve-wracking enough to meet your future in-laws, so I can’t imagine what it’s like not only meeting the entire extended family but also when they are all royalty. She looks stunning!

Don’t worry, Meghan’s ring also attended the event. Let’s be real, that ring is a person all on its own! People got a glimpse of it while the couple was headed out to the event. Pretty sure you can see it shining a mile away. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

This is Princess Anne, she is the only daughter of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip. Some of us who don’t know much about the royal family might not recognize her at all. Though she sort of resembles her brother, Prince Charles. She arrived in a Bentley for the big day.  

You might not recognize this face as well. This is Princess Eugenie of York. She happens to be the younger daughter of Prince Andrew, Duke of York, and of Sarah, Duchess of York. She was one of the first to arrive at the lunch, just after noon…according to reports.

Beatrice is more recognized by a lot of people. She happens to be Eugenie’s older sister. Here she is smiling for the cameras as she is on her way to the lunch. It looks like she is rocking a red top, from what we can see from this photo!

We all know who this is, of course! This is heir to the throne, Prince Charles, on his way to the lunch. After looking at all these photos, you realize how much all the relatives look like one another. Charles looks a lot like his mother and sister.

His wife Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, looks beautiful in a festive green jacket. She all smiled on her way to her mother-in-law’s lunch. She paired the jacket with beautiful earrings and her perfectly cut short blonde hair!

Looking at all these photos makes you wish you were at that lunch and seeing how everyone interacts with one another. Hopefully, Meghan Markle had a great time and felt comfortable enough. It’s pretty intimidating being around all those royals!

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