12 Photos Of People Before And After Quitting Drugs

Quitting drugs or alcohol and overcoming addiction are some of the hardest things a person can do in their life. Addiction can ruin your relationships, send you into a downward spiral, and leave you in a bad place. However, some people are able to make it out. They pick themselves up and make the positive changes they need in order to achieve their stunning transformations into better people.

These progress photos of people who overcame their addictions show how effective quitting drugs can be at changing not only your appearance but also your well-being. Overcoming addiction is a reward in itself, but the fact that quitting drugs can result in such amazing progress photos should make anyone consider getting better.

These are 12 of the best progress photos that show people overcoming addiction and getting better. Their stories are inspiring and their progress is even more evidence that quitting drugs is always the right thing to do. Addiction can destroy your life, but being able to come out clean on the other side is the ultimate achievement.

1. This girl was addicted to both heroin and meth and was subsequently arrested. However, she claimed that her arrest helped her find God, and she is now working to be a prison minister.

2. The Watershed Addiction Treatment Facility posts people’s progress photos to their Instagram to show how people really can overcome their addictions. Rayne, pictured here, has been sober since 2016.

3. Quitting drugs and overcoming addiction isn’t just about a physical change. You can start to feel better mentally and emotionally as well, as seen in these progress photos.

4. Kris B., who has been sober since May 2015, wrote of this picture “I am grateful today for being able to be the light for someone else’s darkness today. I am grateful for my past so I can help others from my own experience.”

5. Jared D. wrote about his transformation on the Watershed’s website, saying “The gift of family, and honesty between all of us, is truly better than what my life was even before I picked up a drink or a drug.”

6. This is another example of the work being done at the Watershed. Jessie has been sober since June 2014. Her progress photos are part of a collection started by the recovery center.

7. Christopher has also been sober since 2014. He wrote of his recovery process “The Watershed taught me humility; it brought life back into my eyes. By the grace of God, I am slowly gaining back everything I have lost due to my substance abuse.”

8. The Centre for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto describes addiction with the four C’s: craving, loss of control, compulsion to use, and using despite consequences.

9. Nicole has been sober since November 2015. She wrote of her recovery “I’m grateful for God and everyone that helped me along the way. Thank you.”

10. Steve realized he needed to get clean after waking up behind the dumpster of a 7/11. “I made a decision. And I took action! I got a sponsor. I worked the steps. I sponsor other men in the program. I got involved. And ever since that day, my life has continually gotten better on a daily basis.”

11. The Watershed shares these progress photos in order to show how effective quitting drugs and overcoming addiction can be in changing your entire life.

12. Addiction is something that can be overcome, but it is much easier when you have a system of support to help you along the way. If you feel like you have an addiction that is out of control, consider seeking help.

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