Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios They Escaped Just In The Nick Of Time

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

Probability plays a huge role in life. Where we are born, when we are born, and who we are born to are all integral factors that can greatly (or negatively) influence our lives.

So when we look at our lives and look at the role that chance has played on us, we can’t help but think that there has to be some sort of divine creator who rolls the dice. Or it can just be totally random and humans tend to anthropomorphize things to make them more relatable to us. But regardless, when we look at all the things that constitute who we are as a person and then look back at those events or moments, how many of those were truly in our control?

We certainly can’t control the family we are born into, or the country that we are born in, but we can control what we want to do with our futures and where we want to take ourselves. But there are plenty of close calls in life. For instance, the people who chose not to board the plane on 9/11 or those who decided to stay home the day a bombing occurs. So on Reddit, we decided to ask people about situations that they just got out of in the nick of time to avoid trouble and pain.

‘A group of students were making fun of one of my history teachers back in high school. The teacher was Muslim so the group of students decided to make some crude remarks about her religion and then proceeded to draw a crude image of her on the board. I left the room in disgust and when I came back, the principal was reprimanding the group and the boy who drew it got a week-long suspension and the rest of the class was relegated to after-school detentions.’ (Julian Frank)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

‘I travelled to Tijuana back in 1894 for a trip. As I was about to leave, I visited a burger place, it felt creepy at the time but I was hungry. I got my burger and left quickly. Upon returning home I found out that a lone gunman had shown up and opened fire on everyone. 21 people died and another 19 were injured.’ (Anonymous)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenariosmexico-travel-guide

‘I used to be a therapist and every year there would be a charity ball. One of the therapists got a suite in the hotel and after the ball, we went up to the hotel room. As bottles were being opened and clothes were coming off, I knew this was a place where I had to leave. Lesson: don’t have group sex with people from work.’ (Jessica_Lastimosa)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenariosmarina-bay-sands

‘I applied for a job at an interpreter place and although I got an offer I turned it down. Turns out, a few months later, a terrorist act occurs at that exact location where two interpreters died. The news coverage showed blood splattered over magazines, and the creepiest thing was that those were the very same magazines that I love to read.’ (Elena Ledoux)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenariosthe-balance

‘As my wife and I were preparing to fly home from New York that morning, we tried to book by calling United. They told us we needed to pay a change fee so we declined and flew home out of Albany. Turns out that was United 93 that flew into the Twin Towers.’ (James Windsor)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenariosthe-sun

‘I was going to drive home one day early but I spilled coffee on my pants and had to rinse it off. As I am driving home, I hear on the radio that a part of the bridge that I usually drive on collapsed into the bay! The lower deck of the Cypress structure just pancaked due to an earthquake, so I am just glad I was not there at the time.’ (David Brower)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

‘Back in high school, my friends and I would go to different house parties. Where young kids would drink and smoke. However, we were running low on snacks that day so my friend and I decided to go down to the convenience store. When we came back, there were cops all around the house kicking people out.’ (Robert R. Gray)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenariosplugged-in

‘I was at a local grocery store right before closing time. I quickly grabbed some stuff that I needed and left because they were kicking customers out. I found out the next morning on the news that the place was robbed but no one was hurt.’ (Maria Henneberry)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

‘I was a boy scout in my younger days and I had to go to the bathroom (aka behind a tree) when I heard these boys throwing rocks off an overpass. One of the rocks missed and hit a passing truck. The driver got out and while the scout leader and the boys tried to apologize, the driver pulled out a gun!’ (Nathan Wilson)

‘Just two months before my divorce was finalized, my ex-husband was arrested for a sex crime. The whole past year I had been miserable and depressed and stayed in the marriage for my children. But now with his photo splashed across the news, I’m so glad I had already switched back to my maiden name.’ (Stacey Thibodeaux)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

‘My colleague and I were staying at a hotel. Had we stayed at the hotel a day later for any reason we would have died since the hotel we were staying at was the one directly beneath the World Trade Center.’ (Charlotte Lang)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

‘I used to love YuGiOh cards so we would go to every mall around the area looking for the special edition pack that I wanted. When we finally got to that convenience store on the other side of town, we grabbed it and left quickly since it felt weird in there. The next day, on the news, there was a robbery, and the two store owners were shot.’ (James Jones James)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

‘I went to an amusement park back in the tenth grade. I have a fear of heights so I try not to go on any roller coasters. My friends kept encouraging me to ‘at least try the Ferris wheel.’ At first I was tempted due to peer pressure but finally, I said no. I nearly cried laughing when the Ferris wheel was stuck for almost an hour with my friends near the apex.’ (Woody Pecker)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenariosistock

‘I was going to go skiing with a group of friends at a resort a couple of winters back. But then I fell ill and was unable to attend the weekend. To my horror and surprise, there ended up being an avalanche at that specific resort! Luckily no one was hurt but I’m glad I wasn’t a part of that one.’ (Guru of Glow)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

‘I was on a bus ride back to my hometown when this random stranger decides to sit next to me. He keeps trying to talk to me and me being young and terrified of being rude just kept saying ‘no I’m fine.’ He keeps insisting until finally, the bus driver says ‘boy, she said she was fine. If you don’t get off this bus I swear I’ll call the cops.’’ (OtterPunch)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenariosgreyhound

‘I was out around a nightclub area when a guy approaches me to bum a cigarette. I talk to him and keep him company for a bit but he begins to be weird. I don’t want to walk back to my place in fear of him knowing where I live. Then all of a sudden, two bikers ride past us and just park their bikes at the end of the street staring at us. He leaves and I am more than grateful for those two friendly strangers.’ (lady moods)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

‘I was out at a sports bar one night when all of a sudden a guy grabbed me and wouldn’t let go. A friend of mine named Mike saw it, grabbed him and threw him out of the place. The owner bought us both a drink and hired Mike as a bouncer.’ (Kemokiro)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarioskempinski-hotel-bristol-berlin_gastronomie_bristol-bar_header

‘I was lining up for a pair of shoes one day when all of a sudden a dude ahead of me got shot right in the head. The guy was asking people if he could buy their spots and I was so tempted to say yes. Don’t know if it was a targeted hit but I am sure glad I didn’t switch spots with that dude.’ (Mizayaki)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

‘I work at a casino so when I finally finished my shift it was pretty late. This guy would not stop hitting on me so I ignored him and that must have pissed him off. I sprinted to my building and I fumbled for what felt like forever with the keys before I got the door open. I slammed the door shut right when he got there and my skin crawls just thinking about it.’

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

‘I used to walk around the woods by my house as a kid a lot because my parents told me not to. One day I see a tall man by the perimeter, I know he can’t see me because I’m hiding so I go on my way. 15 minutes later, we come face to face but with like 50 feet in between us. He says ‘I didn’t ask for much,’ and I just started sprinting home.’ (ssramsey513)


‘My friend and I were walking home one night after the bar. The street we normally take was under construction so we take another well-lit road. We walk by these two guys and then all of a sudden I have this gut feeling and turn to my friend. We both turn around to see these two guys sprinting in our direction. We run to the end of the street and luckily there were more lights and a cop car.’ (Ohyouknowthatone)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarioslondon-nightclubs

‘When I was 11 I went to to the beach and there was this creepy man that was following me around. Wherever I went he wasn’t more than 20 feet away from me. I went over to the little tide pool where I realized I was slowly getting dragged toward him. I managed to claw my way out of there and sprinted to my parents.’ (Calkky)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

‘When my sisters and I were just kids, I remember this one time where we were both standing on the front porch. She tells me to race and on the count of go, I just sprint. All I hear are tires locking up and a plume of white smoke. My sister is still on the same spot on the porch smiling. I haven’t spoken to her in over 10 years.’ (electricdingaling)

‘One night at a hotel, there were people knocking on our windows all night. My mom built a barricade on the door and called the cops. Took them nearly 25 minutes to get there and when they did they told us that nobody was there. We left and went to a different hotel. Who knew who those people were.’ (joshmcd13)

Fortunate People Talk About Scenarios

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