24 Slick Life Hacks That Can Only Make Things Better

You gotta admit, life gets complicated sometimes. Regardless what stage you are in. JobS could get stressful, relationships get tricky…even opening a jar of pickles can be super frustrating for a lot of us. But, it doesn’t always have to be so complicated.

With all the stress that life brings, there are things that you can do that can actually make it a little bit easier. In the large scale of things, maybe taking the easier route isn’t always worth it. However, there are certain things, minor things, that finding a quick and easy solution really is the best route. There are hacks that you can do that make your life just a bit easier and breezier.

Stressed out trying to figure out what those hacks are? Don’t sweat it! Here are 24  simple life hacks that can only make things better. Redditors submitted some of their solutions and they couldn’t be more genius.

1. The first hack is something that a lot of us can relate to. Every time you throw something out in the bin, the plastic bag falls in as well. Well, this redditor wrote, “Use plastic hooks to prevent your trash bag from falling into the can” (randomusefullbits). Try it, it’ll definitely work and probably cost you nothing.

1. The first hack is something that a lot of us can relate to. Every time you throw something out in the bin, the plastic bag falls in as well. Well, this redditor wrote, “Use plastic hooks to prevent your trash bag from falling into the can” (randomusefullbits). Try it, it’ll definitely work and probably cost you nothing.

3. Paranoid that your new car is gonna get scratched or hit by someone parallel parking behind you? Well, redditor Justababyape submitted this photo and it’s pure genius. Just use pool floaties to protect the front or back of your car. It looks silly, but totally worth it.

4. For all you Starbucks lovers out there, prepare to have your life CHANGED. Redditor abubblestory posted this photo, writing “Cut a Starbucks paper carrier in half and put at the bottom and middle of their carry-out bags to carry 4 grandes safely per bag”. Say goodbye to your coffee-stained clothes and hello to a clean work day!

5. When you are traveling or simply don’t own an iron you have to figure out a way to remove those annoying wrinkles that nobody has time for. “Need to iron a shirt but don’t have time? Hang it up in the bathroom as you shower and all the wrinkles will come out” (Scrubbb). It makes sense, the humidity of the bathroom clears those wrinkles right away!

Reddit @Scrubbb

6. This mostly applies to college students who are living in a dorm or are saving up. Redditor eddiebstanley submitted this photo, writing “iPad Mounter for bunk beds (made the best out an unfortunate dorm situation)”. You clearly have to be creative and love inventing things, but this doesn’t seem so difficult at all. This person made the best of his/her situation.

7. Renovating around the house could be a living nightmare. Some people find it even more frustrating when you are drilling something into the wall and the drywall dust get ALL over your floor. Well, redditor AlexFreire submitted this photo and let’s just say…good.thinking. Say goodbye to dirty, dry painty floors.

8. When you are making a sandwich, any kind of sandwich, it can get fairly frustrating when you don’t reach a particular flavor each time you bite. Well, according to redditor WaWaCrAtEs, using simple math can make your sandwich experience that much better. The user wrote, “Apply three different flavors to each slice of your sandwich and you have yourself a sandwich lottery”.

9. Thoroughly washing vegetables can be a huge pain. It’s probably the main reason why many people don’t even bother eating them. Well, redditor mrskitsapgrapeape submitted this adorable photo. She wrote, “We tried out this cool idea I found…Washed the potatoes in the dishwasher!! Worked great! Gets them all done at once! But even the baby noticed something was weird…”

10. The beauty of hacks is that you can use things around your house to fix other things around your house. Including using walnuts to fix, for example, old furniture. At least the appearance old furniture. Redditor woudlaponybyanyothernamebeasoffencive posted this photo up online, and I’m sure it shocked a bunch of people. Genius!

11. Large candles look quite fancy when you have company over. It can be a very elegant touch to your home decor. But they can be pretty expensive, so this reddit user submitted this idea, writing “Big candles are expensive, but are a fancy touch for company. Use tea lights in them instead and greatly extend their life” (fullmetalretard666).

12. Guys, is it not the most annoying thing to want a piece of toast with some butter on top and not be able to properly spread the cold butter on the bread? Well, get ready for this. Redditor dravinicus shared this photo and it honestly is a game changer. The user wrote, “Butter too hard or cold? Grate it onto toast!”.

13. Reddit user ThrashBean submitted this photo, and wrote: “When you are poor but you watched every Macgyver episode twice”. A lot of us would probably be nervous that our key would get stuck in the shopping cart. But desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

14. Redditor Arrarr submitted this photo, helping everyone out who puts their cleaning supplies on dirty surfaces. They wrote, “Need to put cleaning supplies somewhere not touching a dirty surface?”. You have to admit, this is pretty smart. Regardless if you have a towel ring in your washroom.

15. For all those parents out there, this might be the solution you’ve been looking for since your kid started needing to take medicine. All you gotta do is give them their favorite, unhealthy beverage and place the straw in the medicine that’s taped to the beverage. GENIUS.

16. Okay, Christmas 2017 is long gone, but you can use this hack for Christmas 2018. Redditor chilliNathan02 submitted this photo, writing “Late Christmas gift wrapper? Need tags but don’t want to go out into the shopping madness? Make some out of old Christmas cards!”. This might be fun to do with the kids as well. Who doesn’t love homemade stuff!

17. Anyone who uses lip balm, which is the majority of us, knows how easy it is to lose it. You find yourself spending a ton of money of lip balms that you lose anyway. Well, this might be the hack for you. All you gotta do is use a lip balm that you can punch a little hole in and attach it to your keys. That way, you always know where it is!

18. Too many wires all at once can get pretty messy. I mean, things can get tangled, you forget what’s what…just get overwhelming. Well, Reddit user canaan2000 writes, “Clean out an old Altoids box and you have yourself a no-tangle wire storage device”. It’s pretty smart and keeps everything really organized.

19. Everyone is different, some love one chip brand over another. But for those Pringles lovers out there, you know that having crumbs at the bottom of the Pringles can is pretty annoying. Redditor randomusefulbits posted this photo, writing “Solving the problem of crumbs at the bottom”.

20. Stuffing a condom into your wallet tends to get worn out over a certain amount of time. So instead of doing that, why not put your good old Gameboy cartridge holder. Surprisingly the condom fits perfectly in there. Reddit user MN_DuffMan gave the idea, posting this photo. He wrote, “Condom fits perfectly in Gameboy box”.

21. Redditor Ransacked posted this image on reddit, writing “After installing car registration sticker, score it with a razor blade to prevent thieves from stealing it”. If you came up with such an idea and told this to your dad…there’s no doubt that he would be extremely proud.

22. “I don’t have a meat tenderizer so I improvised,” wrote redditor QueenAnneBoleynTudor. This girl is obviously quite resourceful if you ask me. So this way your meat will not only be tender but you will be so proud eating it, knowing that you made this tool all by yourself.

23. Who doesn’t want an ice cream hack? Nothing is worse when you are CRAVING a scoop of ice cream, but it’s so frozen you have to wait for it to soften up a bit. Well, here is a hack for you. Simply put the tub of ice cream into a freezer bag. It’ll ensure that your ice cream is soft enough. Give it a shot!

24. If you live in a home where there are a ton of people around you, who constantly are touching your food…this hack will put a smile on your face. All you gotta do is take a plastic bag and draw some green spots around it. Then place whatever food you desire in it and it looks like your food has been in that bag since 1955.

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