Perhaps The Biggest Spider Ever, Meet The Giant And Angry Huntsman Called Aragog

An Australian couple recently had to deal with everyone’s worst nightmare. While they were cooking dinner, they spotted a giant huntsman spider hanging from their door. The spine-chilling images show a menacing spider the size of a human head just sitting at the corner of a sliding door.

Laura Ansell, from Queensland, said that they spotted the venomous giant when they were about to step into the garden to use the BBQ. The couple decided to name it Aragog, after the giant spider in the Harry Potter series. They also posted images on Facebook to show the world what they were dealing with.

‘We made it unhappy as we tried to move it so we could cook,’ Laura told the Sunshine Coast Daily. She also told the publication that her boyfriend tried to squish it with the door, but it only managed to upset the spider. The door took two of its legs and the spider ran to the garden to hide.

The couple also tried to use their cat to put some fear into the giant spider. In a video, Laura’s boyfriend can be seen lifting the cat up to the spider, but neither animal reacts in any visible way.

In spite of the stressful ordeal, Laura seems unfazed by the presence of the giant spider in her garden. ‘It’s massive and [it] was mean,’ Laura said, ‘but it’s alive and we didn’t want to kill it.’

After the couple posted pictures on Facebook, their friends and family reacted with horror, messaging them with quite a lot of concern. They didn’t fully realize that the size of the spider was cause for alarm until international media outlets picked up the story.

Australia is a country known for having some pretty large and aggressive land, air and sea creatures, but this spider was too much even for their fellow Australians. Their friends, as well as some random internet users, suggested that they use a flamethrower or that they move out of the house forever.

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