The Message Great Britain Would Receive If There Was A Nuclear Attack

In this chilling video, you can get an understanding of what British citizens would have heard in the event of a nuclear attack during the Cold War. The video starts with a news broadcast and then cuts to warning signals before a four-minute message begins.

The chilling message warns citizens that the country has come under attack and informs them that it is no longer safe to leave the home. It urges people to stay indoors, preserve water and food, and not to come outside until it has been announced that it is safe to do so.


Though the message was never aired, it is still quite interesting and eerie to listen to what could have been.

As well as being warned of the initial strike, citizens were also warned about the effects of fallout, with chilling messages such as ‘radioactive fallout can kill. You cannot see it or feel it, but it is there. If you go outside you will bring danger to your family and may die.’ Talk about to the point… Check out the entire warning broadcast on the next page.

After the eerie alarm that would startle anyone to pay attention, a man’s voice can be heard saying ‘this is not a test’, before a woman takes over outlining the details. ‘This country has been attacked with nuclear weapons’ it begins and then proceeds to outline safety precautions and instructions.  

While serving as a warning of danger, it also attempts to calm citizens by informing them that updates will come every hour and that ‘nothing is to be gained by trying to get away.’ It also encourages people to enter their ‘fall-out room’ and not to leave until it is safe to do so. The message warns several times not to use water to flush the toilet, as water needs to be preserved for drinking and cooking purposes. ‘Remember, water is life’ it says.

‘The safest place is indoors’ it continues, as well as reminding citizens to turn off gas and to make food supplies last as they may need to be used for up to fourteen days. It continues to tell citizens to wait for the ‘all clear’ wavelength or a ‘steady note’ on the siren which would have meant that the danger had passed. However, thankfully the message never ended up airing thankfully, and the warning was discarded in 1992. But with the world at a crossroads in terms of politics and leaders, an updated version of this warning may be introduced.

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