Dog Reunites With His Human Dad, Can’t Believe It’s Really Him

Humans are largely visual animals. We rely on our eyesight to perform most of our daily functions, drive a car, take a walk, cook food, and shower. Basically, all things we do are done with the help of our eyes. But other animals aren’t so visually oriented. Animals such as bats rely on sonar, and so do whales, dogs and cats rely mostly on their noses, and chimps and dolphins rely heavily on their mental capacity.

When an abandoned dog was left on Shane Godfrey’s front porch early last year, Shane became convinced that dogs truly were a man’s best friend. He named his newfound bestie Willie. And since then the pair have been inseparable.


Until now, when Shane thought he caught a bad case of the flu which turned out to be double pneumonia. In late February, he was hospitalized. The double pneumonia (as if that wasn’t bad enough) developed into kidney failure.

And things didn’t just stop there, the kidney failure turned into sepsis which evolved into encephalitis. It got so bad that doctors were unsure if Shane would even make it out of the hospital alive. In an interview, Shane said that ‘they weren’t sure if I would make it for a while.’

dogreuniteswithhishuman (1)

After five weeks in the hospital, Shane’s health began to improve and he was slowly getting better. But during the time he was hospitalized, he had lost over 50 pounds! He was hardly recognizable to his friends and family let alone a dog who doesn’t rely so much on eyesight!

During his time away, Shane’s dog, Willie, was being taken care of by his sister. Although in safe and comfortable hands, it was obvious that Willie was wondering where his owner and best friend was.

At first (just like with everyone else) Willie didn’t recognize Shane. So from a distance, Willie would growl and bark at his old best friend. But when Willie got closer and could smell Shane, he became animated and excited and couldn’t stop licking him. Watch the video to see for yourself.

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