25 Crazy Easter Eggs From Your Favorite Shows And Movies

Move over, Easter bunny, cause Jake Bean is the new face of Easter. Well, you know, besides Jesus. Or maybe… wait, nevermind that’s right. I want to keep my job.

Anyways, here I am to hit you up with some sweet movie easter eggs. Ones that I have found myself through my frankly irresponsible amount of media consumption.

Anyways, strap in, saddle up or whatever, cause this is 25 Crazy Easter Eggs From Your Favorite Shows And Movies!

1. In the Bee Movie, all the male bees have buzz cut hairstyles. Starting off this list with the greatest cinematic achievement of all time seems like a good idea, but then where do you go? How am I supposed to top the Bee Movie? Might as well click out right now, it all goes downhill from here. Then again, it all went downhill after you read who wrote the article, am I right?

2. In Ghostbusters, Dana Barrett buys a very specific type of marshmallows… I am of course talking about the brand of marshmallow Ghostbusters made ultra-famous: Dan Aykroyd. I’m just kidding, of course, the man is a national treasure.

3. In the Dark Knight, when the Joker puts the gun to his head to give Harvey Dent a chance to kill him, he keeps his hand on the hammer so that even if Harvey pulled the trigger, no shot would go off. Wanna know how I got these scars? I’ll tell you this much– there was a lot less planning involved than in this moment, that’s for sure!

4. In Reservoir Dogs, Steve Buscemi’s character Mr. Pink protests tipping waitresses. Guess who cameos as a waiter in another Quentin Tarantino picture, Pulp Fiction? Come on Mr. Pink, just tip will ya? Don’t be a (makes a rectangle with fingers) square, daddy-o.

5. In Kill Bill Vol. 1, the bride’s real name is seen on a plane ticket. Let’s see here… Beatrix Elizabeth Kiddo? Actually, not many people know the fact that the bride was really descended from a long line of English queens.

Kill Bill Vol 1 | Miramax

6. In Predator 2, you see a skull that belonged to a Xenomorph, or an Alien from the movie Alien. Hey, they should totally make a crossover movie. They should call it… Alien against Predator? Alien fights Predator? Whatever, we can workshop it later and hey, I just got a genius idea for a horror crossover involving Jason…

Predator 2 | Davis Entertainment

7. The credits for the movie Airplane! Added a “worst boy” Let’s see here… Frank McKane? Gee, I wonder what he did that was so bad to warrant a worst boy credit. I didn’t see any loose keys in the movie, so this fella must’ve done an alright job.

8. In Monsters Inc, Mike has three different sticky notes reminding him to do his paperwork. Which, of course, he forgets to do. Miiiiiiiiiiikkkkeeee Wazowski… oh Roz, you reminded me out every teacher I tried to smooth talk out of detention back when I was charming and somewhat cute.

9. In Inside Out, the father’s brain is controlled by anger and the mother’s is controlled by sadness. Oh wow, this is probably the most heartwarming thing I’ve ever put into an article and I’ve written at least 3 about puppies… ech, it’s burning my putrid, twisted, evil heart to think of happiness. Next entry!

Inside Out | Pixar Studios

10. In Ironman 2, they address the actor change immediately. Yeah, I remember not knowing who Don Cheadle’s character was supposed to be for the longest time until I looked it up. Then again, I’m not one to complain whenever War Machine shows up for a movie. Cool AC/DC song and even cooler character.

IronMan 2 | Paramount Pictures

11. In Spaceballs, when Dark Helmet asks if they want to take a five-minute break, they aren’t seen again in the movie until literally five minutes later. I bet it was that Colonel Sander’s fault they didn’t show up for so long. That guy is such a chicken.

12. In Zootopia, Nick Wilde first checks off that he has been arrested, but crosses it out afterward. Nick Wilde: Yeah sure Judy, I’ve never been arrested! Ron Howard as the narrator: That, was not true. Nick has actually been arrested several times for trying to steal a giant banana from a group of wild monkeys. When asked why he did it, he replied: “there’s always money in the banana stand”.

13. In Team America: World Police, the French street is made out of croissants. AMERICA! HECK YEAH! Seriously though, I was under the impression all countries had streets made of their most famous food. In Canada it’s poutine, Italy it’s pasta, America has burgers, England has… erm… uh… wait hold on…

14. In Spiderman: Homecoming, Tony’s suit mimics his movements. Man, I wish I had some Iron Man suits. Especially if I had some that could write for me. Heck, maybe they’d come up with something halfway decent.

Spiderman: Homecoming | Sony Pictures

15. In Transformers, in his first scene Bumblebee is parked next to the older version of himself, a VW Beetle. If only they could put Shia Labeouf next to an older version of himself, maybe then he would’ve been at least crazy and entertaining. Megan Fox, you can stay the same.

16. In 40-Year-Old Virgin, Paul Rudd wears a shirt that has a picture of himself on it. That’s not all either, in the scene where he is walking down the street with Steve Carell, he accidentally stepped on an ant. This was a premonition easter egg as Paul Rudd would go on to step on other ants in the future.

17. In American Beauty, the lines on this computer represent Lester’s feelings of imprisonment. Well, this picture aged beautifully. Kevin Spacey and his fears of being imprisoned due to his pedophiliac infatuation with a younger person? Wait a minute, this joke seems a little too off-color. Ladies and gentlemen, now for another round of everyone’s favorite game…let’s see what the editor says! (The editor has decided that this joke can stay due to its wittiness and the fact that Kevin Spacey is an unsavory character that deserves to be the butt of such jokes).

18. While filming Godfather, Marlon Brando would often read his lines off cue cards. Ah yes, a remarkable display of professionalism from one of the greatest actors of our generation. Well, at least it’s better than some sweaty, hungover rant about worms and snakes and stuff.

Godfather | Paramount Pictures

19. While trying to escape Nazi Germany in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Indy’s dad tries to read a German newspaper to stay in hiding. Unfortunately, the newspaper is upside down. Way to notice that one, two guys with two doctorates between you.

20. In the bladder scene in Osmosis Jones, a germ is carrying a Pikachu. Yes, it seems that Pokemon was literally everywhere in the late 90s and early 2000s. That was of course until they were literally EVERYWHERE with the release of Pokemon Go.

21. In Lord of the Rings, Gandalf carries his pipe in his staff. A wizard is never late, he arrives precisely when he means too. He also arrives of course with his pipe to make sweet ships out of the smoke with Bilbo. You could also say that this pipe is secret and safe.

22. The prayer motion in Mad Max: Fury Road resembles a V8 engine. Be still and pray my dog of war. I understand your pain. We’ve all lost someone we love. But we do it my way! Yes, I know that’s from Road Warrior, but to those of you who think Fury Road is the superior chase movie: Just Walk Away.

23. In Cars, the truck stop advertises “convertible” waitresses. In the Cars universe, that would probably mean topless. Ah Pixar, thank you once again for sliding an adult joke into your movies. For those of you who never saw Brave, did you know that the bear character was actually a reference to Lola Lovelace?

24. Dr. Strange’s car accident takes place on Groundhog Day. The best part is that it took two years for someone to notice. Could it be that Dr. Strange kind of flew under the radar? But how could that be possible, everyone knows Dr. Strange!

25. Ian Malcom’s (Jeff Goldblum’s character) book is hidden throughout the movie. How did they get his book in the film so many times? Life… er, uh…. Finds a way.

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