Hamburger Helper Responds To Man’s Sexist Joke

Sadly, there are some guys who believe women belong in the kitchen. Luckily, the majority of people have come a long way and don’t stand for those who are living with a misogynistic, sexist mindset. Don’t believe me? Meet a guy who goes by the name Chris.

You see, Chris has a lot of guts to go on Twitter and share has he believed was “not wife material.” This guy not only screenshotted someone’s Snapchat of someone cooking, but he also tweeted it out for everyone to see.

He managed to offend more than half of the Twitter world. This guy should know that living in 2017, people aren’t going to like sexist comments or jokes…especially one as distasteful as what this guy tweeted out.

So what caption did Chris exactly use with his screenshotted snap photo? He wrote, “PSA: Knowing how to mix Hamburger Helper doesn’t make you wife material.”

This guy probably meant every word he said. But Twitter users didn’t swallow his words and many decided to shoot back with their own opinions.

In fact, not one person sided with Chris and instead every single person said something that stood up for women and attempted to put this guy in his place.

One person tweeted, “Don’t worry. I’m sure that you bring many other amazing qualities to the relationship.” This was obviously a sarcastic comment.

@AdamLeidtke’s comment shows that not all guys are like Chris. He tweeted, “PSA: criticizing someone who is willing to cook a meal for you is not a good look.”

Another Twitter user wrote, “That’s the exact amount of material she thinks you deserve I suppose.” While another girl wrote, “Then take her out to dinner, you bum!”

Just when you think those comments were the end of it, Hamburger Helper replied to this guy’s tweet! They wrote, “And this makes you husband material?”

In all honesty, this guy was asking for all the messages he got. Hopefully, he learned his lesson after being snapped at by a ton of both women and men. Next time he’ll think twice before making a sexist comment.

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