Housekeeper Opens Drawer In Elderly Couple’s Room, Finds Wallet Filled With $11,000 In Cash

For the travelers out there, we typically check our hotel rooms to make sure that we didn’t leave any valuables behind. Some of us will even check the room a few times just to ensure that we didn’t leave our favorite shirt behind. Don’t lie, all of us have done it. But this one particular story proves that there are housekeepers out there that are not only hard-working but trustworthy as well. The instance happened in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

An elderly couple had decided to move their homes from Ypsilanti to be closer to their family in Kentucky. Once the moving vans were stuffed and arrangements were intact, all that was really left to do was to head on the road. They had a ton of cash on them to pay the movers and what not. $11,000 to be exact. So they kept it close to them. They’d stay at hotels for their road trip until eventually they finally arrived at their new home. Everything was going perfectly.

Well, everything was going perfectly until the couple had realized that the wife’s purse (where she held the cash, her credit cards, and ID) was missing. Naturally, they went into a panic. They had no clue who to call or at what point the bag went missing. But luckily, someone was already working on getting that money back to them and they didn’t even know it!

A housekeeper at the Ann Arbor Regent Hotel named Brigid Murray discovered that the woman’s purse was in the bottom drawer of their hotel room dresser. This woman EASILY could’ve just taken that bag into her cart and take it home. But she had a heart and knew that wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. So she decided to do the honest thing.

It’s nice to know that though this woman didn’t know the elderly couple, she still had the idea that if she was in their position and she had money missing, she’d be going CRAZY! In reality, this couple would have been in some serious financial trouble with all the people that they owed money to with their move.

More than this, they wouldn’t have enough money to start their new life in Kentucky. If you want to learn more about this story and how this woman proved that there are still good, selfless people in the world, check out the video down below. It’s sure to make you feel good and happy during your busy day.

In the video, you will also find out what exactly Brigid did to get the money back to this elderly couple. Again, she could have easily been selfish and take all the money for herself. But instead, she made it her mission to find this couple and make their day and lives way easier with all the money they saved up. Good for her!

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