Bull Commits Suicide After Group Of Partygoers Set Its Horns On Fire

Bullfighting has been part of Spanish culture for quite some time. Today, the topic still remains controversial, especially after a recently-uploaded video of a bull killing itself was seen by millions of viewers around the world. The poor animal is seen killing itself after its horns were lit up during a Spanish festival. The video is difficult to watch even for those who are used to the violence of a bullfight.

Bull Commits Suicide After Group Of Partygoers Set Its Horns On FireChristian Today

The video was uploaded by a Spanish animal rights organization “Bulls Defenders United” and shows a crowd tying a bull to a post in the middle of a small town square and setting its horns on fire. Once the crowd releases the animal from the post, it runs head first into the post, panicking. It runs so hard into the post that it kills itself.

The Independent writes that the event happened at a festival called “Bulls in the Street” which is very similar to another version of Pamplona’s “Running of the Bulls” which takes place in a town called Foios, Valencia.

According to All That Is Interesting, people have tried to ban bullfighting for many years now but have not been successful. That’s because these events are part of the country’s cultural heritage and supporters believe that they must be respected.

Many of these supporters are in high levels of government and though they may be the minority, they are a vocal one. Only 19% of people really support bullfighting and there are Spanish towns and regions that have tried to ban the practice

According to ATI, in 2016 the country’s highest court struck down a law banning bullfighting passed by the largely autonomous region of Catalunya. But again, it failed because this activity is considered a cultural heritage status.

But animal rights activists are still attempting to ban this activity. After seeing a video like this, it’s pretty clear that bullfighting is cruel and simply has no place in modern society. ATI writes that Animal organizations note; “culture stops where cruelty starts.”

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