8 Techniques That Will Help You Survive A Deadly Battle With An Animal

8 Techniques That Will Help You Survive A Deadly Battle With An AnimalBestie

In 2003, a 41-year-old woman was killed in her own front yard by a cougar in Arkansas. It’s not easy to survive a deadly battle with a wild animal.

Rich Johnson, who is a survival expert, says when you encounter a wild animal, the best thing to do is keep your distance and try to avoid them at all costs.

Even after you keep your distance and stay calm, you still need to be prepared for what happens next, Johnson adds. Below you will find Johnson’s techniques on how to survive a deadly battle with a wild animal.

Shark: To avoid having a run-in, do not bleed or urinate in the water. They can smell you from several kilometres. If you encounter one, do not turn your back. If it catches you, try to gauge the eyes.


Grizzly Bear: Do not turn your back to it. Calmly step back and slowly speak. It shows a sign of submissiveness. If it attacks, play dead. It might bite or claw you, but it could leave.

Grizzly Bear ScottERead/shutterstock.com

Polar Bear: If a polar bear charges at you, it’s not a bluff so get ready. The best course of action is to make loud noises to scare it off. If that doesn’t work, use whatever weapon you have to fight for your life.

Polar Bear outdoorsman/shutterstock.com

Cougar: Cougars won’t attack humans in groups, so travel together. If you see one, stand perfectly still. Do not turn your back on it. If it gets aggressive, make noise and shout at it. If it attacks, do not go to the ground, or that’s it!

Cougar Kwadrat/shutterstock.com

Moose: A moose is very aggressive but slow. If you see one, back away and find a different route. If it approaches you, back away, it’s warning you. If it charges, run, they’re not built for speed. If you’re knocked down, curl into a ball.

Moose DavidOsborn/shutterstock.com

Bison: If it attacks you, run and hide behind a large object or climb a tree. Bison can’t climb trees. Bison don’t kill humans; they’re just annoyed by them.

Bison VladimirWrangel/shutterstock.com

Wolf: Do not run, wolves can run up to 30 mph. They hunt in packs, so try not to travel alone. If they charge, stay on your feet. If you fall, they will rush you. If you’re in a group, position yourself back to back and use fire if you can.

Wolf MirceaCostina/shutterstock.com

Deer: Don’t turn your back, deer always attack from behind. If you have an animal with you, turn it loose. If it charges and knocks you down, curl up, as it will stomp you, but will leave after.

Deer MattGibson/shutterstock.com

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