24 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Very Sick

CaptureMillennials: our years of glory are sadly coming to an end. Remember when we felt young and trendy?

Remember when our parents would ask us about technology and we’d roll our eyes and feel high and mighty?

We thought we were immortal like we’d never age. Well, here is a sobering realization: Generation Z has replaced us. They are the new trendsetter and apparently, we’re all obsolete. If you were born in the 90s and earlier, you’ll definitely relate to this list. Millennials are always criticized for being sensitive. Here is some solid evidence that we have good reason to be upset:

1) Millennials are familiar with the floppy disk. Depending on your age, you will fall on the spectrum of ‘used it a few times’ to ‘know it inside and out’. In case you need a reminder, they are removable disks that you insert into your computer and are used to store data (a very small amount of data). Floppy disks are iconic – they are emblematic of the technology that was around when we were younger. For that reason, even if you didn’t use them extensively growing up, they are still somewhat of a nostalgic piece of your childhood.

Eventually, floppy disks were replaced by CDs, which have larger storage capacities, that were then replaced by USBs, which are easier to carry with you. Generation X is not privy to any of this. Remember, floppy disks are symbolic for us generation Yers. We also don’t like being reminded that we are past our prime. Hence, Twitter user Bill Gross’s very upsetting conversation with a kid. He writes, “In the ‘I’m getting old’ department… a kid saw this and said, ‘oh, you 3D-printed the ‘Save’ Icon.” It…hurts.


2) Here is one of the many sad stories you will hear about the much-beloved Game Boy. Twitter user Rob Himself wrote, “Some little kids just came up to me on the train and asked me what this is. My heart shatters for children everywhere.” There is so much joy, that these children will not experience.


3) You’ll surely recall the massively expensive brick we used to store music on. If you had one of these, you were stuntin’. The rest of us just had to cope with our MP3 players. Twitter user Mo O’Leary writes, “Hannah’s little sister just asked me what this is… Wow, I feel old.”


4) The Crocodile Hunter was a legend while we were growing up. Even if you didn’t watch his TV series, you knew his name and knew it well. Twitter user lil v posted a picture of the picture book titled “Who Was Steve Irwin?” and wrote, “saw this at my little brother’s book fair today and this makes me feel old.” R.I.P Stevie, you old chap.


5) Twitter user Stephanie Lentz writes, “Today, one of the kids I babysit asked me ‘what is this lever for’ and I had to explain it rolls the windows up and down. Yes, I do feel old.” The lever was a workout and I believe no one will miss it.


6) If you thought the MP3 players we all had sucked then do you remember this guy? Even before the invention of the MP3 player, we were all lugging around this godforsaken contraption. Remember when it would skip if you moved it too much? Yeah… Twitter user the sweatpants ninja writes, “My 18-year-old brother just asked me what this is”. You don’t wanna know, my dude.


7) Now, this is too much for any of us to handle. Twitter user Daulton Hill took a picture of a book that says “What Were the Twin Towers?”. He writes, “Want to feel old? Walk through an elementary school book fair…” But the attack was in 2001…


8) @AXSTV tweeted out, “Classic Rock is the best! @sum41 brings back all the feels with ‘Fat Lip’ #APMAS” Is this for real? Since when is Sum 41 classic rock? Second of all, who else had no idea that they still existed? Are we in an alternate dimension? I have so many questions.


9) Ok, here is something that will surely strike fear into all millennial hearts. The world is truly in a dark place when the younger generation doesn’t know what Neopets are. Yes, it is that serious. Neopets taught us how to take care of something defenseless, it taught us empathy. How are these children supposed to grow up and take care of a pet or a BABY if they’ve never messed up and accidentally starved their Neopets and felt the accompanying pangs of guilt and shame. We are doomed.


10) If you thought it was bad that kids didn’t know what iPods, Game Boys, and Neopets were, brace yourself for what’s about to come. Twitter user Olivia Noble tweeted, “We are now at the point where a generation 4-4! iPod is in a museum exhibit.” This museum was made to torment millennials, I am sure of this. If you don’t believe, check what’s next on the list.


11) Twitter user D. L. Jordan writes, “My sister just sent a picture of an N64 in a museum in Florida.” Can you even truly enjoy playing Mario and Sonic if it’s not on an N64? The answer is no. You are undoubtedly outraged by now, but please continue. There is much more to see.


12) This is officially the museum of heartbreak. Jeff Jones tweeted, “this museum has my first cell phone, 2004 RAZR. I’m old! Yikes.” The depressing bit is that having a RAZR basically branded you as a cool kid, and the cool kid phone was placed in a museum. So what does that say about the rest of us that had Nokia bricks?


13) It’s not all about our toys and knick-knacks, though. Take the classrooms we were taught in. Twitter user guy sensei takes us back, writing, “My little sister showed me this and I thought she was showing it to me cause she related til she asked ‘what is this’ and now I feel old.” Let’s all collectively pour one for the deceased overhead projector.


14) Of course, let’s not forget the cumbersome VCR tapes. To be sure, the extension of the VCR tape is not something that we necessarily lament, it’s the fact that the younger generation doesn’t know the source of our despair. Twitter user Anthony Bordenca tweeted, “I asked my little brother if he knew what this was and he said a ‘DVD’… damn, that made me feel old.”


15) I just need to know if there is a millennial museum out there and why? The oldest of us are around 35. How is a 35-year-old item old enough to be considered an artifact? Nick Caville tweeted, “A Bug’s Life is now in a museum. How old do you feel?” Very old Nick. Very, very old.


16) User d. was at a game store presumably and happened by stacks of games made for consoles that are definitely not sold in stores anymore. She tweeted, “Saniya just asked ‘what are these?’ lol made me and @MajorTaylor feel old!” That ‘lol’ is loaded with misery.


17) This a true story. A Facebook user posted this status: “Oh my god I just found out Titanic actually happened and isn’t just a film?!! #mindblown #sosad :’(.“ Titanic is also a true story. Is this a case of youth or ignorance? It’s very likely that it’s a combination of the two.


18) Millennials are pretty split on how they feel about boy bands. Some know the words to every song, some can’t stand them and think they’re the worst thing to happen to the human race. In both cases, they are well aware of the big ones — i.e. Backstreet Boys, NSYNC, etc. Twitter user missheng tweeted, “My little cousin has never heard of *NSYNC.”


19) This will make you laugh and cry all at once: Twitter user babeheart wrote, “whenever I wanna feel old, I just remind myself that my little sister thought ginuwine was a fictional character made up for Parks and Rec.”


20) This one is even worse. This will shatter your heart and your wold. Twitter user dani wrote, “My little brother doesn’t know what The Fresh Prince of Bel Air is. I officially feel OLD and contemplating disowning him…” We can’t let The Fresh Prince of Bel Air become irrelevant, so yes to disowning your brother.


21) The next few examples are from the museum of our nightmares as I like to call it. Here is an artifact that Twitter user @gamesketchuk found. He writes, “Question: How old does it make you feel when you see game consoles you’ve owned in a museum? Answer: Really old.”


22) None of us particularly enjoyed the old waste of space computers we all had, but that’s not the point. The point is, we haven’t accepted that we’re old so don’t put our stuff in a museum. Twitter user Meso Da Chi wrote, “Look what I just found in a history museum. Feel old yet?”



23) The same goes for tapes. No one particularly enjoyed when the film would get ruined and you had to literally shove a pen through the hole to rewind them, but stop appropriating my childhood. Twitter user Existential Soup wrote, “Kept in a glass case. In Sony’s museum. Do you feel old yet? Huh?” YES, Existential Soup. I do feel old. Are you happy now?


24) You try to do something nice for someone and they just make you feel obsolete. What a world we live in. Alex McKelley tweeted her text convo: “Told Maddie I was having technical difficulties with one of her birthday gifts and I’ve never felt old/more uncool.” Kids can be so mean.


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