Woman Leaves Her Dog With Dad, Receives The Best Texts From Him

Leaving your dog with someone can be as stressful as leaving your child with someone. But one woman left her dog with her dad, and got some nice texts! If you aren’t sure if your parents are ready for grandkids, just leave your dog with them. That’s what Meghan Specksgoor did.

She had to do a trip to New York City but needed to find someone to take care of her 4-year-old dog, Chance. Well, who better to look after your favorite buddy than your father! After Meghan left, she started getting some pretty entertaining text messages from her babysitter. She told Bored Panda, “They usually get along great. Chance is allowed to do whatever he wants with my dad-like an actual grandchild-and is given all sorts of treats the whole time he’s with him”.

Meghan met her furry bestie at the Richmond Animal League. Initially going in there to get a puppy for her friend, Meghan left completing an application for herself. The dog was brought to RAL with a shattered jaw from someone shooting him. He got surgery done to get a plate put in his jaw and has been perfect ever since.

After her father sent her all these messages, Meghan had to upload everything that Chance and her dad were up to on Twitter. Check out the photos below along with the adorable story. It’s received 150k likes on the social network. You can decide if you’d feel comfy leaving your dog with this guy!

Meghan and Chance are pretty inseparable. So when she had to take a trip to New York City she decided to leave her best buddy with her father. I think if I had to go away somewhere for a couple of days, my dad would be the person to leave my dog with.

The first photo that Meghan posted was a text message her dad sent, with a picture attached of him and Chance in the car. The text read, “Grandpa wants to know what kind of takeout I can have? We are starving”. Meghan captioned the photo “someone please get this man a grandchild”.

She then posted a photo of Chance in the park, writing “Chance looked really happy to spend time with his Grandpa”. The text message read, “Hi mom, it’s me again. We had a picnic and are going to the nail salon now. Gramps said if I’m good I can have ice cream when I’m done. What kind do I like again?”

Meghan then noted that grandpa took Chance on a number of adventures, her father sending her a photo of Chance in the park with a bowl of ice cream. The text message read, “hate to keep bothering you mom, but we really need to hang out with gramps more”.

He then sent her a photo of Chance lying on the bed, writing “Hey mom, gramps is going to sleep with me tonight, is there anything we need to tell him? Hope you are having as much fun as I am. See you tomorrow and good night. Love you so much”. If this isn’t adorable, I don’t know what is!

Finally, Meghan and Chance are reunited and the two couldn’t be happier. She posted a photo on her twitter of her and Chance passing out. Her pup looks pretty content being reunited with his mom. There’s nothing like being back with your dog.

Pretty sure Meghan’s father deserves father of the year award and best grandpa award as well. Chance looked like he had the time of his life while Meghan was away in New York City. Someone really needs to get Meghan’s dad a grandkid. Can’t imagine how much he’d spoil that kid!  

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