Boy Says He Used Parents’ Credit Cards To Go On Bali Getaway After Argument With Mom

There are naughty kids, and then there are really naughty kids. reports that after a fight with his mother, a 12-year-old boy from Australia secretly booked a 4-day solo vacation to Bali using his parents’ credit cards. We hope he had fun because something tells me he was in store for a hefty punishment when he got home.

In an interview with Australia’s 9News, the boy, whose identity remains private but who is being referred to as “Drew”, simply said he wanted to go on an adventure. After the argument with his mom, Emma, he stole his parents’ credit cards. He managed to book the trip through Jetstar Airways without needing parental consent. Drew then stealthily packed his bags and took a train to the airport.

When his parents found out about their son’s devious plan, they contacted Australian authorities to report him missing. They were told his passport would be flagged if he tried to leave the country. Nonetheless, the boy used a self-serve check-in kiosk to collect his ticket. He used his student ID and passport to board the plane to Bali without any issues. “I was a bit worried,” Drew told 9 News. “But I still had adrenaline from being so angry at mom just to not care.”

He checked into the All Seasons hotel he’d fraudulently booked and had a 4-day extravaganza. He rented a motorbike, explored the white sand beaches of Bali, ate at different restaurants and spent money on souvenirs. Drew even told 9News he drank a beer on the beach despite being nine years underage.     

The boy’s parents were distraught, frantically phoning him without any response. Luckily, their son had one slip up that led to the end of his adventure. He posted a video of himself jumping into the hotel pool on social media which revealed his location.

When the police showed up to retrieve the child from his hotel room, he locked himself inside. They finally got to him by unscrewing a window. Although the boy’s mother was relieved to have her son found, she was also “disgusted” at his actions, she said to 9News.

As for the boy, he doesn’t think he’ll ever attempt a stunt like that again, “I know I’ll get in a lot of trouble next time,” he told 9News.

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