Girl Told She Could Buy Anything With Guy’s Credit Card, Spends Like Crazy

You know, people have been known to do some wacky things in order to convince someone to go out with them. People on the internet didn’t start that “guy tries to impress girl” meme for nothing.

Though despite the countless pieces of advice you can find in just about any magazine, some decide to take matters into their own hands.

Meet, Mr. Anonymous. After the stunt I’m about to tell you, he requested that his identity remain a secret. With good reason, too. After young Leagan here had kindly refused a date with him, he tried something relatively bold in order to convince her otherwise.

In case she ever needed anything, he decided to be a gentleman and bestow his credit card information upon her.

He told her that she could get anything she wanted.

Naturally, our heroine, Leagan, was taken aback but not for long. She uploaded the entire exchange to her Twitter page, which not only shows her interacting with the guy but also shows her followers what she bought with his card.

A few of us might push our luck with a new computer or car or something but Leagan went for something a little less unconventional.

After the exchange was posted to her Twitter, fans of her decision came pouring in.

UNILAD caught up with her and asked about the ordeal. “After I let him know I didn’t feel the same way about him as he did about me, he said he would leave me alone but then sent his credit card information in what I assume was an attempt to win me over,” she said. “When I first saw it I was surprised but I just kind of ignored it because it wasn’t the smartest move.”

“I saw one while driving home and remembered the card. My only reasoning was, well, why not buy a bouncy castle,” she added. She also tacked on some chicken nuggets but that was it. She hasn’t spoken to him since.

Everyone, let this be a lesson to only go so far when trying to woo someone.

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